What Behind The Sarahah App, What Is It ? Why It Going To Viral Messaging App?

Most recently, many apps have come around and sparked huge amount of controversy. Sarahah is among the apps and many people in the UK and the US have accepted it. You can use the app in various ways. For example, if you wanted to yell at your boss and tell him/her how much he annoys you, you will easily do that with the Sarahah App. You can also use the app as a Snapchat add-on and start sending anonymous screenshots.

What is Sarahah app?

Sarahah is a phone app that allows sending messages to strangers and friends anonymously. It also allows commenting on strangers’ and friends’ profiles without them identifying you. The Arabic term, Sarahah, means honesty. The app allows users to create profiles. It also functions as an addition to Snapchat, a popular networking app.

After signing up, you can easily connect with others and send comments anonymously to them. Teens from different parts of the world are now using it. In fact, it has millions of users and is among the highly ranking apps on App Store in most countries.

How Sarahah app Works?

The app functions by attaching itself to Snapchat like digital parasites do. Introduction of the app was with an aim of helping employees in corporate workspaces give anonymous criticism to employers. However, teens are now using it to pass digital anonymous notes to others.

The app also permits the user to make a profile. Drawing upon your contact list, it allows you to easily connect with your friends and send anonymous comments to all. With the app, you can search for a user and comment.

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Just like many other apps, after downloading the Sarahah app, you will have to set up your account. To do that, it will ask you to input your name, username, email address and a password. The messaging app does not require a mobile number as its purpose is to help you remain anonymous.

After you are logged in, you will have the option of sharing your Sarahah link on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or post it to social networks. Therefore, any person with the link will start sending you messages. That could be your friends and strangers on the app. To send a message, you will click on a button that will open a textbox. Type your message and hit send.

The receiver will not get your name – they will only receive the message. For a person to receive messages, he/she should install the Sarahah App. The app is addictive. Therefore use it diligently and avoid harming others.

Why is Sarahah going popular?

The key reason why this app has gone viral is that the person on the receiving end cannot get the sender’s identity. Basically, you will have to send the message without including your names. A quick example: if you wanted to confess something to other people, which you could possibly never say to anyone in person, the app will help you achieve that. However, you should remember that saying something that you cannot say to people in person anonymously is a bad idea regardless of its importance.

The origin of Sarahah and history

Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq introduced Sarahah in February 2017 as a website. However, he later thought that it would work best as an app. On June 13, he released the app version of Sarahah on Google Play and iOS App Store. As he expected, the app went viral.

The website version of Sarahah had a simple purpose: allowing workers to post feedback to their employers anonymously. It helped employees who had things to say speak up and avoid losing their jobs.

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Later, the developer decided to apply the concept on personal level, with acquaintances and friends anonymously sending messages to each other. That alone made the website popular in Africa and the Middle East.

After releasing the Saharah App on Google Play and iOS App Store, people accepted it and within a few days it entered the Top Three Free apps on the two platforms. Its Snapchat integration also aided the surge in popularity as teens could use it easily.

What about negative aspects of Sarahah?

The problems associated with Sarahah are not different from those associated with the internet. The app allows anonymity and users are aware that there are no repercussions for their actions. They can therefore say and do anything. Most parents and teenagers have reported that Sarahah is the newest cyberbullying platform.

The unpleasant messages teens receive are varying in both severity and number.  Some kids claim that they have not received any negative message while others claim that they have already received death threats. Cyberbullying did not start with Sarahah. However, the app’s anonymity nature has led itself to many toxic comments. Therefore, if you are planning to start using it, proceed with caution.

Apart from the cyber bullying associated with the anonymous nature, the app’s functionality is not comparable to that of other social media apps such as Twitter or Facebook. For example, you cannot use someone’s name to find him/her. To send a message to someone, you will need the link to their Sarahah profile or search for their profile through their email address or through their user ID.

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So should you be using Sarahah?

Most people are using Sarahah as a fun app. It is helping them send anonymous irritating messages to their friends. However, that is likely to take U-turn and get out of control. In fact, the internet has brought the worst out of people and with anonymous messaging, you should expect great risks.

Sarahah is easier to use and therefore kids will not have problems operating it. Nevertheless, because all comments are anonymous, people can say hurtful and mean things to you without repercussions.

Most reviews on App Store show that people are using Sarahah as a cyber-bullying tool. Therefore, it is not appropriate for your kids. If you are a Snapchat user, you can link it to your account and start sharing screenshots of the comments you receive. People use it to share mean, nice and funny messages.

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