Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse For Laptop

When you need to move characters around in a Game, mice are the right pick . the laptop in-built mouse is the natural option for this. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most comfortable choice.  Having to look at the mouse all time is tiresome.

Most Gamers will agree with me that playing a game with the laptop in-built mouse isn’t appealing, for this reason a better external easy-to-navigats alternative is created. Which happens to be wireless Gaming mice. Any external mouse will do but not as much as a gaming mouse.

A wireless Gaming mouse gives you the satisfaction you want. With a host of this device Scattered around the market, it is worthy of mentioning that Not all suits it purpose.

As a professional Gamer and a G-force Expert, I recommend one of this Wireless Gaming mouse for your Laptop. A trial will surely convince you.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

Before the arrival of Logitech G903, Logitech G900 reigned as the undisputed king in the world of wireless mouse.  Longitech are ‘champion’ producers in the business of gaming mouse with most of their product grabbing attention in the market.

To get the most out of this product, you’ll have to spend approximately $149 as a premium price for the G903 and another $99 for it powerplay. Altogether, you will be spending $248 to fully have it running. No doubt, this represents a huge investment for a mere mouse.

In terms of its appearance and body design, it looks every bit like its predecessor ( G900) . the only noticeable change is in the colour pattern. The grey body pattern in G100 is replaced by an all uniformed Black body that captivates with a well balanced edge and side view.

Just like the name implies, it is one of the fastest mouse  in the market. The G903 comes with a high speed sensor with incredible responsiveness that moves object in one click. Thanks to years of unrelenting innovations and improvement form the makers, the Logitech G903 has Zero acceleration, smoothing or filtering. It is hitch-free in a gaming environment.

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Cobra E-3lue High Precision Gaming Mouse

Cobra E-3lue High Precision Gaming Mouse

It is still a big surprise that the makers of this decided to fix the price at just $16. Ironically, the amount spend to set up one Longitech G903 can get you ten of this. With that being said, it doesn’t measure up to the Lightspeed but works well as a makeshift.

In an era where the price of quality mice are incredibly high, $16 looks like peanut for a mouse. Infact the price can work against it. But after having a feel of this, I would say the product is a steal. Considering the fact that is a cheap mouse, its body design is surprisingly sleek and all wrapped up in black with a blue light that appears when powered on to give it that ‘Midas’ touch.

This wireless gaming mouse utilises a DPI Rating of 1600, while this is quite low for a gaming mice, it is quite enough for general function. For a Beginner, this mouse is quite handy and easy to use.

Razer Mamba Wireless

With many self acclaimed ‘Best wireless ‘ Gamimg Mouse in the market it is hard to find some that justifies that claim. Finding a mouse of high quality comes with an expensive price tag. With little or no choice, you just have to settle for one.

Nothing annoys more than to spend a heafy fee for a mere mouse only to get disappointed in the process. Fortunately, their is one to justifies it s huge price tag. The Razer Mamba is that mouse.

Priced at a hefty $149, it sports an all black design with  combo of RGB to light up it sides. A quality sensor of 16,000 DPI makes it suitable for many game modes as it performs excellently to users taste. It’s battery life is an added bonus. It has a rechargeable battery life of 20 hours. Add four hours to it and you have a whole day.

E-blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Blue LED Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

E-blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Blue LED Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse

Just as Samsung and Apple dominate in the world of smartphones, overshadowing other small companies. In the world of Gaming devices, the names that pops up on most occasions are Logitech, Razer and steelseries. E-Blue are relatively unknown in the global market. Am not wrong if I call it   the ‘Infinix’ of Gaming world.

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As the fastest growing Gaming brand, E-Blue products serves as a suitable option for Low-Budget gamers. Most of their products goes for as low as $20 or less depending on its Quality.

A quick glance at the mouse, will tell you that the manufacturers aren’t messing around with it’s outlook despite been a low-priced product. This beautiful piece is made of plastic which is one major reason it weight is a little high. the plastic body is in two colour combo of Blue and red.

On plugging, its inbuilt LED instantly lights up showcasing blue light to show that it is active and ready for action.  It’s body build makes it comfortable when clinced under our hand.

Despite not possessing top-notch qualities like the likes of Longitech, the Mazer II can take you through your gaming adventure without encountering any obstacles. The Mouse comes with a number of buttons and sensors which allows you regulate its sensitivity.

The sensor allows you to adjust its sensitivity from 500 CPI to the highest which is 2500 CPI, making it a highly versatile mouse.

TECHNET RAPTOR R Wireless Gaming Mouse

TECHNET RAPTOR R Wireless Gaming Mouse

I Dont know of you, but for me, am still waiting for that mouse that beats Technet Raptors appearance. The stylish distribution of it buttons makes it even sleeker. On closer look it looks like a small F1 car ready to hit the highway. Its trim edges makes it comfortable when under control.

For a low priced mouse, its 2,000 sensor is fair for use.

Razer Naga Epic Chroma Wireless Gaming Mouse

We had to wait a bit to introduce this master piece from Razer into the party. But is worth the wait. As expected, this new produce addresses some issues with previous Razer release. And also adds more features we never thought we needed as Gamers.

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For $130 you are probably expecting the perfect piece, your intuition isn’t wrong. It would take something special to part with over $100 for just one gaming mouse. But after having a feel of this, it isn’t so bad for that amount.

The Naga Epic features an impressive wireless range with Easy-to use software . its excellent bottom layout positions it as the best MMO mouse in the market. visit for more