10 Best E-Learning Apps Trending These Days

It makes total sense to use your Smartphone or Tablet to learn new things and educate you. These are the devices that are almost always with you are your children which means that anyone can learn anywhere and everywhere and there are a million resources available on the internet that will teach how and what you need to know. There are some basic learning apps that are better than others but all focus on helping you learn something new that you didn’t know previously. If you want to track your progress in learning about just anything you want from the internet, here are the top trending 10 e-learning apps that you can find and educate yourself or your children in the best possible way:

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the most traditional and trending learning apps available on Google Play. It has a number of reference guidelines, textbooks, self-help books, how-to books, and several others to name. All you need to do it buy them, download them, and read it whenever you want from your Smartphone or Tablet.


This particular app was established in the year 2014 and since then it has been one of the best of its kind. It is a language learning app where you learn languages in small chunks with mini-games that keep you engaged and entertained throughout the process of learning.


You can call it an online School where a variety of lessons and classes are conducted that you can take easily anytime and anywhere if you have a proper internet connection on your Smartphone or Tablet. Every lesson and every class educates you on a different topic.

Khan Academy

This is a popular online learning app with abundant resources for educating oneself. It consists of more traditional subjects such as math, science, economics, physics, etc. It is one of a kind learning website that targets on learning techniques that the other websites fail to include.


It is an online learning app that was established by Lynda Weinman. You can learn coding, the process of Designing websites, and other basic things such as recording production music, or the general Microsoft Office skills.


It is one of the most popular and trending learning apps where everything related to it is math. Learning app makes use of your camera and the OCR technology to scan the equations that you jot it down on a paper. It helps you in showing the step by step procedure on how to get the answer.


It is a developer available on Google Play. You get to enjoy a large collection of learning apps that can teach you computer programming in the way that you might have never come across. These learning apps support HTML, java, and python.


It is a trending learning app these days that focus on skill-based learning. You can learn courses such as Adobe application, Microsoft application, etc. You can also learn things like public speaking, cooking, and other learning things.


It is one of the most intense learning apps that even find on Google Play. Here, you can enroll the courses and learn the basic new things that you have not been able to do in other learning apps or elsewhere. Every course you learn for computer programming or app development, you get a nanodegree that shows that you have completed the course successfully.


Yes, you read that right. YouTube is definitely the best thing that ever happened on the Internet when it comes to learning new things. The service is basically for the viral videos, music videos, news, and most importantly entertainment. But, other than all these things you also can learn anything you want on YouTube.

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Jennifer Wilson

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