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Searching for a best gamer headset? Then you are in the perfect place. This article will help you to select the perfect gaming headphone based on your needs and requirements, and within reasonable price. Moreover, proper recommendations are also made so that you can make the right choice for yourself. You may be astounded by the variety of gaming headphones available out there in the market. In order to gain the competitive advantage and have real feeling in your game play, you need a good quality gaming headphone. Find out gaming headsets reviews in this video:

Quality of sound counts a lot in gaming. A headset which has good quality sound enables you to hear the audio hints of your game, to differentiate or distinguish the directions of the sound or to give attention to fine details. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to select the best gaming headphone according to your gaming needs and requirements. Variety of headsets with features like surround sound, wireless and much more are available in the market. Let’s get started with the features of best Gamer Headset.

Wireless Gaming Headset

Gamer Headset
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Most common dilemma that gamers face while selecting a gaming headset is to choose between a wired or wireless headphone. Both of them have pros and cons associated. Wired headsets would be the perfect option for you if you are a PC gamer because they don’t require to be charged. For console gamers, wireless headphones are most suitable. Wireless headsets are expensive in comparison to wired headsets. Wireless headphones need to be charged. Most of the best quality wireless headsets need around one hour to fully charge and provide around eight hours life of battery.

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Top buying options:

  • HyperX Cloud 2 is the best wired headset
  • ASTRO A50 and Logitech G930 are the best wireless headsets

Comfortable Best Gamer Headset

Comfortable Gaming Headset

If you have to use gaming headset for hours then your headset should be as comfortable as possible. You cannot use an uncomfortable headphone for hours. You need to check the materials used for the ear cups and headbands in order to check whether a gaming headset is comfortable or not. Leather ear cups are lavish but they develop sweat if used for hours while spongier ear cups do not have this problem but they don’t look good to wear. Headsets’ headband should softly place on your head. It should be not so rigid that it crushes your head nor it should be loose that it falls every now and then. Lightweight headsets are the most comfortable headsets.

Surround Sound

In surround sound headphone, multiple drivers are placed in each ear side for various audio channels. This permits the sound to be very sensitive to directions and to be heard from all angles. This helps you to identify the side from where sound is coming. It gives you advantage in first person shooter games. Knowing the direction of the gun and footsteps of enemy are very significant in games like COD (Call of Duty). Thus choosing a surround sound headphone is the best option because it provides positional audio.

What are the Best Buying Options?

In this section of the article, we would be discussing a few gaming headsets which are really liked and preferred by most gamers.

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Kingston’s HyperX Cloud

Gamer Headset

These are quite old but despite their age they offer the best combination of audio, Price and durability. They are constructed so as to provide comfort to the ears and skull besides it holds a mark among a number of latest headsets. You cannot buy a universal headset and accept them unless you spend about 40 to 50 more dollars. These headsets are associated with decreased risks of cranial distress.

An additional benefit is that they sound good with music and movies. They are made of Solid aluminum and are light weight. As it puts a slight emphasis on low pitched sound to add some energy in action games, however, not that much so that the frequency may change as many of others do.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Gamer Headset

It is considered to be the new budget gaming headset to beat. HyperX Stinger features the new lift-to-mute mix that sounds great. It is designed to fit all shapes of noggins without leaving any headache after hours of use. They are just 276 gms and easy on your neck. They just cost $50but their features are worth $50.

You cannot get headsets within the given range featuring the characteristics such as light weight with 90 degrees rotating ear cups, Volume controls installed in the ear cups and directional drivers for precision. Although they are not bulletproof but the produce fine details of sound, solid bass and midrange that does not sound nasal.

Lucid Sound LS30

Lucid Sound LS30 are the best wireless gaming headsets. They are specifically designed for gaming setups. However, they are also used with PC’s and no issue was found with them. Lucid LS30 are well composed and have an attractive price in comparison to other headsets. They are best suitable with optical ports.

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With increasing gaming craze technology has started to make efforts to enhance the joy to such an extent that players feel live within the moment for that purpose different utilities are designed. Special designers and media experts are hired to design the product. Many famous organizations and gaming industries now provide the facility of a gaming setup at homes. Best gaming headsets to buy is an important commodity.

While buying gamer headset always select that headphone which matches your needs.

So, what are your views about the things you should look for when buying a best Gamer Headset and what are your personal preferences? Please let us know in the comments.

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