Canaan Creative’s AvalonMiner 741 is profitable by Less Than $800

If you are currently planning to invest in Bitcoin Mining, you might need to consider the AvalonMiner 741 – 7.3 TH/s. With $800, you will get this product that is easier to use, consumes lesser energy and it is cheaper than most products of similar class in the market. The 7.3 TH/s processing power is suitable for people who want to run bitcoins mining on large scale and small scale alike.

If you are a good observer, you might have realised that the market of Bitcoins had been stagnating for some time. The scarcity had made most users to remain less hurried than usual. However, the return of Avalon miner influenced a big change in the market.

Impressions of the Avalonminer 741

AvalonMiner 741

The AvalonMiner 741 – 7.3 TH/s boasts a better ventilation system. The product measures 40x21x22cm and weighs 4.8kg, which makes it a more practical device for running Bitcoins mining on large scale and at home. What’s more, it features 88 chips (of 16nm each) in addition to 7.3 TH/sec processing power and around 1150 watts energy consumption. Its market entry price was $818 but with $714, you will easily get it. The other thing you will like about the product is its 90 days warranty.

And if you are wondering about the product’s Bitcoins mining scalability, it comes with AvalonMiner Controller, which allows connection of up to 4 different AvalonMiner USB Convertor 3 (AUC3). From the convertors, you can connect 5 AvalonMiner 741 devices. Generally, you can quickly configure an array of 20 miners using the USB convertors and the controller to combine the 146 TH/sec processing power.

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The manufacturer sells the driver separately and you will need it for the AvalonMiner 741 – 7.3 TH/s operation. Currently, it retails at $60. You can find more details about this product on the manufacturer’s website.

The product has a sturdier metal housing with more precise finishes. It features 5-pin 12C connectors, one puller on its backside, two processing boards, three 6-pin power ports and a front grill. To allow connection of up to five miners and to centralise the connections, the controller is a small minicomputer that features a four USB ports and a network port.

Power supply

To start your Bitcoin mining, you will need to buy a 1200W power supply but if you need better results, you can consider the available 1300W power sources. You should also note that the product’s controller boasts a USB cable and has no adapter. Therefore, you should necessarily go for those providing 2 amps and 5 volts for the AvalonMiner Controller power. The manufacturer recommends.

  • Bitmain AntiMiner APW12 1600 Watt PSU
  • Bitmain AntMiner APW5 PSU 1300 Watts (110v)/2600 Watts (220v)
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 Watts P2 80+ PLATINUM
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 1600Watts T2 80+ GOLD Titanium

Installation and Operation

After connecting and configuring the equipment, you will realise two things. First, the AvalonMiner 741 – 7.3 TH/s is not as noisy as most competitors in the market. It produces a sound similar to that of a quality fan functioning at higher power. Secondly, the cooling system allows the product to function at relatively lower temperatures (around 60 degrees Celsius).

The Avalon software is also easier to use due to the friendly graphical interface. To start mining, click the “Settings” tab, enter your favourite mine pool’s information and save the data. After that the AvalonMiner 741 – 7.3 TH/s will start working automatically.

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At the start, the AvalonMiner takes several minutes to reach its par processing speed. You will easily see that on the graph in the miner’s simple configuration panel. In addition to displaying general data, the product also displays the extractor’s revolution speed with several updates per every second.

And to help you check the equipment’s status, the manufacturer has included a number of lights. On its front, the product features a LED that changes to yellow, white, red or blue to indicate that it is working properly, is at rest, failing or overheating respectively. The lights on its processing cards might change red or green to indicate that they are badly fed or good. Its interface might also display green, blue or red lights to indicate the connection status to the controller.

Cost effectiveness

On average, the product has a processing speed of 7.3 TH/sec. Therefore, it can generate about 0.00308 BTC per day. That is equivalent to $7.31 per day with the current exchange rate in countries where the price of electricity is almost zero. Considering the purchase price of the mining equipment, the controller and the shipping cost and assuming that the difficulty of Bitcoin mining will not change, you will return your investment within five months.

In situations where electricity does not represent fictitious and significant costs and where the difficulty of Bitcoin mining does not increase, the condition will be optimal. The AvalonMiner 741 – 7.3 TH/s is likely to reach the return on investment (ROI) within 5 to 8 months. The time is reasonable in crypt coin mining. Everyone agrees that Bitcoin mining is no longer a risky investment. It is a valuable investment.

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Final Words

To benefit from Bitcoin mining, you must evaluate your electricity bill as the first thing. The power suppliers typically measures that per KWh – the amount it costs to run a 1000 watt device per hour. Secondly, you will need quality mining hardware. If you are happy with the possible returns from the AvalonMiner 741 – 7.3 TH/s, you should go for it.

For an amount below $800, you will have a great Bitcoin miner that is easier to use, consumes lesser energy and has lower maintenance costs. The processing speed of this ASIC miner  stands at 7.3 TH/sec and is suitable for people who want to run bitcoin mining on larger scale and at home. The machine has 88 chips each of 16nm. That adds to the processing power and the energy consumption that is roughly 1150 watts. After buying the product, you will enjoy a 90 days warranty. You can also buy the AvalonMiner Controller, sold separately, if you need to connect four convertors.

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