What Are Closed Back Vs Open Back Headphones?

There are two main types in headphones: Open or closed. Each one has its benefits and its disadvantages.

In the first place there is the basic difference in the headphones that are worn on the ear (of Headband, Headphones or Headsets) and those that are much smaller that are inserted in the ear (In-ear or of Button). However, both variations can be open or closed.

The Main Difference

The open headphones are does not clog ear completely. The headset is placed over the outer ear or placed loosely in the ear (button) ear. The open design provide an experience of natural sound, and the listener is not isolated from the outside world and can perceive the noises that surround him. On the other hand, the music is audible to people in the vicinity. “Open” therefore means: Part of the sound radiates to the outside world, where the sounds can be partially heard.

Closed headphones are isolate the listener from the outside world. Depending on the design, they enclose the ear pads completely (headband) or they are inserted like a plug inside the ear canal (in-ear models). The sound is not exceled out and a lower volume is advisable to achieve the desired result. Because sound penetrate directly into the ear. By not penetrating sound to the outside, do not bother other people nearby.

The Use: Advantages and Disadvantages

Open headphones: On the one hand, external noises can clearly influence the pleasure of listening to music. However, in many situations it is important to listen what is happening in surroundings.

The comfort of open headphones is generally better, especially on in-ear models. It is comfortable for prolonged use for many hours because it is placed loosely on the ear.

Many users perceive the sound in open headphones much more realistic, more open.

The disadvantage of the headphones is probably: everyone can hear what you are listening to, and any sound in the environment can be mixed with the music.

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Our advice: you should choose open headphones for safety reasons while on walking, running or doing any sport and whenever you move on the road with traffic. With the bicycle, motorcycle or car you must not use headphones, because the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Traffic and Road Safety prohibits it.

Closed headphones: Closed headphones are ideal for home, recording studio. On the other hand, wherever you want to listen music, radio, or audio books in indoor.

I general, fully enclosed headphones are designed to insulate from the outside world. It is just you and your music. Many users appreciate that they can concentrate and relax much better with closed headphones.

In everyday life, this design can be bit difficult, because no external noise is perceived. The sound of a car, the alarm signal or the same sound of a mobile phone could be missed.

In-Ear models should perfectly set in ear, so they are usually supply with caps of various sizes. After several hours of use, the headset can be a little uncomfortable, although this depends on the user and the quality of the material.

Tip: In both alternatives, you should not abuse wearing headphones for long periods. While using the ear is not ventilated and can become uncomfortable. In any case, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Where to buy the best cheap headphones?

best cheap headphones

When we look for headphones, we lose a bit. In-ear? Cable or with Bluetooth connection? A thousand doubts about what types of headphones we are going to buy, as well as in which stores we buy them. However, do not worry that we are going to help you buy cheap headphones by focusing on online stores, where you already have enough to choose from, such as Amazon or Gearbest for example. Follow us that we are going to shed them by categories so that you can choose the one that best suits what you were looking for.

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Amazon: We will focus mainly on the more well-known and used Amazon, since it has a very extensive catalog of headphones of any kind and almost always many of them on offer, either by Flash Offers, Deals of the Day or similar. Besides, if you had any problem with them, we all know that the return policy they have works great.

Gearbest: The second one we are going to emphasize is this website where we are seeing that there are very good offers and discounts in terms of electronics and, as you can see for yourself, a very good selection of headphones of all kinds on offer that Look at us we can come that neither painted.

AliExpress: And we are also going to look at this web more than well known, because although sometimes the delivery periods may be somewhat high, many times they are not. You can check it on your website, and as always we will find good prices on it for any product that we find.

Cheap Bluetooth headsets

Outside cables, are nuisance now! In addition, the truth is that we are more and more those who prefer bluetooth headphones. Since they are extremely comfortable to use. Moreover, to go out to the street with them and then save them without leaving a knot. Today there are very good options in this regard. So let us show you some examples of cheap bluetooth headsets here first, but throughout the guide, you will find more headphones of this type.

Cheap Headphones

The world is divided into two types of people: those who prefer headphones that go inside the ear and those that have outer back. The truth is that these seconds, known as Coosh, provided they have a good padding and are comfortable to wear allow us a very good quality of sound perception. That is why we serve several examples of cheap headphones that in good prices.

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Cheap sports headphones

One of the times without a doubt we like to listen our favorite music while we exercises. To motivate us, give us to push for last kilometer that we have left. Even the last push-ups and to put up with those dumbbells a bit more. If you are looking for cheap sports headphones, which of course have a series of specific specifications – such as having a good grip, be wireless, be resistant to sweating and others – we will also help you find the best.

Cheap earbuds

Now, we are talking about the more than classic and well-known ear buds. Those little ones are not completely place in the ear. However, remain inside the ear but without getting inside the ear passage. They are the most used for a long time. Though now they use less by many people. But still look for cheap earbuds. So buy them, they have their own section for them.

Cheap gaming headphones

Finally, you could not miss headphones that is for computer. Every good gamer knows that, a good gaming headset experience and communication is crucial in gaming. Actually, this type of headphones are usually not quite cheap at times. So we bring you a few good options of cheap gaming headphones that you’re sure to like. Although remember that we already made a specific guide for gaming headsets to which You can also take a look.

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