10 Points to Consider While Choosing Wireless Earbuds 2018

There is something about music that just makes awful feelings go away. Everyone has that piece of music that makes then fell wholesome. Technology advancement in the music industry has been overwhelming too. Having music on the go has become the norm. Wireless earbuds are fantastic gadgets for anyone who loves music. They allow you to listen to your music which doing other things. They can also be used to take and respond to calls without necessarily stopping what you were doing. There are many types of wireless earbuds, and often people are spoilt for choice.

The following are ten tips to guide you while choosing a best wireless earbud.

best Wireless Earbuds 2018

  1. Design

The earbuds come in many distinct designs. Different people will prefer different designs. The models differ in shape, size, and color. The design choice should be informed by how you intend to use the earbud. For instance, earbuds meant for receiving and responding to calls have one long edge that protrudes towards your mouth. This design is to ensure the device’s mouthpiece is close enough to your mouth to pick clear audio signals. On the other, hand earbuds mean to be used while exercising have a small circular shape. They literary get inside your ear and stick there. They cannot, therefore, fall off in the middle of intense physical activity.

  1. Sound Quality

Different earbuds have different sound qualities. Preference dictates the choice here. Some people prefer more bass than treble in their sound signals. The earbuds come with varying levels of bass. Those with higher bass levels tend to be more expensive. Balanced sound quality is always the most appropriate to ensure that they do not damage your ears. The earbuds will have information about the sound quality, on their packages. Be sure to check this information before purchasing one.

  1. Bluetooth Version

Since the earbuds are wireless, they use a technology called Bluetooth. Bluetooth works through transmission of radio waves. The first Bluetooth version was called Bluetooth 1.x, gadgets with this version are relics right now. It was slow and did not offer much regarding connectivity. There is the version Bluetooth 2.x which is a much better version. Its faster and connectivity with other devices is quicker than the 1.x. Then comes Bluetooth 3.x. This version has a much higher speed of data download. Connectivity is a bit poor though. Lastly, we have the Bluetooth 4.x. This version is meant to reduce power consumption. The speed is good but not as good as 3.x. The connectivity is also good, but that of 2.x is still better. The choice is dependent on how you want to use the earbud.

  1. Technology

The technology of earbuds has continued to improve. The devices have distinct capabilities such as;

  • Some can be used receive and respond to calls.
  • Others can even make calls.
  • Some buds allow you to adjust and balance the sound quality.
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The functions are many and distinct. You need to choose depending on your use for it. Having the best technology is always a good thing though.

  1. Battery Life

Since the earbuds are wireless, they require power. The power is provided from within them from an installed battery. The earbud should be able to last for long. Battery life range from 2hr to even 2days. However, battery life is subject to usage. The more you use it, the faster it will discharge. Again, your intended use will determine which one you get. The longer the battery life, the longer the earbud will be. Having a device that can keep power for long is always better.

  1. Noise Level

Earbuds have different capabilities of eliminating noise from an audio signal. Sometimes the sound signal with noise within it all in the background. Some earbuds can reduce this noise. Others do not have this capability. Some will eliminate it partially, and others will remove it. Such aspects make the gadgets differ in prices. It is always good to have one that is noise canceling. A clear audio signal is essential especially if you will be using the earbuds while doing something else. You will be able to decipher the sounds much more efficiently.

  1. Sweat Proofing

It is essential to take into consideration the material used to make the front part of the earbud. Some are made of wool with other are made of rubber. Different people will react differently to these materials. It is therefore paramount that you find out which works best for you. The materials are meant to prevent your ears from dripping sweat into the device. Some people do not like the sensation when either wool comes into contact with their ear. Others do not like the feeling caused by rubber. Make sure you chose a material that cannot irritate your skin.

  1. Compatibility

Wireless earbuds are only compatible with devices that have the same Bluetooth version as them. Other aspects such as the processor of the device you are connecting to, also affect their connectivity. It is essential that you find out where the earbud you intend to purchase is compatible with your other devices.

  1. Durability

As with everything else that you are buying, you want to make sure your wireless will last long. You can find out this information through reviews other users of the device have made. These reviews will also indicate how useful it is.

  1. Price

Finally, the cost of the gadget is central to your decision to purchase it. The wireless earbuds are not expensive. There are designer ones that can be very expensive though. Buy the best that you can afford. Understand that the lesser the price, the less efficient it is.

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In conclusion, these pointers are meant to guide you to make an informed decision for Wireless Earbuds 2018. There are lot other factors you can put into consideration. The aesthetic beauty of these gadgets is varied. Different appearances will appeal to different people differently. Note that the aesthetic beauty of the device does not affect its performance.

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