Content Marketing Secrets To Be Learned From Netflix

If there is anything that you need to learn from the Netflix other than to watch it and chill, is their content marketing habits. Netflix is not a mere subscription where you get to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on demand but it is the way of life for people all over the world.

The streaming video service in 2016, closed the year with 93.8 million subscribers. Very few names in the entertainment industry has made such a name for themselves and Netflix ranks as one of them. The figure is about 20 million up than its subscribers in the year 2015.

The secrets are kept highly under wraps. You would not see any Netflix operatives speaking about their strategy publicly. And why would they? They are unique in their marketing mannerisms which is why it places them ahead of HBO and Showtime.

Here are the few actionable tips that we can learn from Netflix:

Build the experience through standalone products

Apparently, Netflix is not about investing in traditional marketing methods. Rather they are more inventive in their approach. They seek to create standalone projects which bring them the goodwill they enjoy and revenues.

Their strategy appears to be employing 360-degree marketing tactics which leaves nothing that cannot be made. The team at Netflix is brave and is more than willing to take risks while the dissertation is to submit which its rivals seldom takes. This bring them huge return on investment (ROI).

Recently, they green lit the widely popular show Black Mirror for a third season. The show deals with the nightmares of technology which can wreak havoc on humans. In order to promote it, Netflix developed an app by the name of Rateme which is representation of the confrontation and demise in the first episode of the said season.

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A similar thing was observed with Stranger Things. A web tool was coined which enabled fans and users to create content with the font utilized in-show. There are other examples as well where Netflix have tried to indulge the audience with products of the sort.

What we understand from this is that content is not an article or a video instead content marketing is a standalone experience which gets you conversions as well as a gateway for viewers to immerse into the world of shows.

Invest in original content

It is a habit of Netflix that it invests heavily into the original content that it tends to market itself. There is a lesson for all the current and upcoming entrepreneurs and content marketers in this. They should learn to invest in projects which has proven successful with audiences in the past.

You would be amazed to know that in the last quarter of 2016, Netflix added 1.43 million new subscribers. And it is expected that in 2017, a total of $6 billion will be spent on content. In contrast, ESPN, a leading sports broadcasting channel spent $7.6 billion in 2016 on content.

Thus, whether or not you are a media company, spending billions to churn out original product is not only inherent to media. You can too take advantage if you are willing to go the extra mile by investing in originality.

Data is certainly the differentiator

Data is important but so is its metrics. You cannot afford to be wrong with data metrics. Netflix seemingly utilizes data to predict behavior, naturally, to develop an enhanced experience for its viewers. This ultimately influences a lot of its marketing tactics.

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When you are actually availing its service, Netflix analyzes your browsing patterns such as at what time you watch the content, where you pause, rewind or fast forward content and almost every bit of detail that goes into it. It comes off as scary but they do it understand customer behavior.

Consequently, it will deliver you content which engages you for longer periods of time. In the meantime Netflix, adjusts it marketing technique to fit your preference such as days when you view the most content from them and so on.

Help virality happen

What is content marketing going viral? Netflix is the only entity which truly capitalizes on the phrase. It makes the content easy to share and it does it by maintaining a harmony in its brand voice. Netflix is synonymous with social media and that is why it becomes part of our everyday conversations.

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