How Foot Massager Get Rid Of Foot Pain Within Minutes

The human body is made in a way that all the bones are connected. This means that, when they are a problem with one part of the body, all the other parts will experience that problem. It is true, therefore, to say that when the foot is experiencing any time of pain, your entire body will experience the same and this can make you not to achieve set goals. Foot pain can be caused by many things including arthritis, bunions, athletes’ foot, and corns among others. This article discusses ways to getting rid of foot pain within minutes using various effective stretches.

Toe raise and lifts

While standing on your feet, raise your pinky toes to the same level of the big toe at least 5 times. Also, lower the bigger toe to the level of the other toes 5 or more times. This movement helps remove any crumps in your feet that can cause pain.

Tennis ball rub

Another way to reduce pain from your feet is by stepping and rolling on a tennis ball. As you roll on it, ensure that you press your feet on the ball a little bit. This also helps to remove blood crumps within the feet and allow proper blood flow. If you cannot get a tennis ball, this can also be done by properly massaging your feet. With the help of the best foot massager in a nearby massage parlor, slowly press your feet as you move the hand all over the feet. This allows proper blood circulation.

Wear proper footwear

A major cause of foot pain is wearing tight fitting shoes. These types of shoes constrict the movement of the toes. This will cause pain. Proper footwear should allow free movement of the toes, and allow the feet to breathe. The shoes should also have proper arch support. Experts recommend mesh or leather shoes since they are flexible and can allow free movement of the feet.

Yoga exercises

Since almost all yoga poses are based on grounded feet, it goes a long way in ensuring that the feet get enough stretches. These poses will enable you to learn how to root your feet and enable proper blood flow to the feet. This will go a long way in ensuring that any pain within your feet heals. Yoga exercises have been practiced the world over with the aim of helping with arthritis foot. In fact, world leaders have put aside world yoga day to check and examine people with various foot problems.

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Consult a specialist

Unbearable and constant foot pain requires you to visit a specialist. This is because, when the pain becomes so unbearable, it might not be the best thing to do to try and engage in stretches on your own. The doctor will prescribe the right stretches that will enable you to get rid of the pain.

Ankle stretches

You can get a band and tie it to your ankle. The pull the band with your foot. This helps you to stretch the ankle, and if you are experiencing any pain, it can slowly fade.

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