Top Best Games like Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the kingdom building games in gaming history. The premise is simple enough; you defend it against online opponents build a kingdom and assault other opponents. But like most games, you’re going to get sick of it eventually. If you’re looking for a substitute for Clash of Clans, but still need to play with a game, then you are in the right spot. Here are the games such as Clash of Clans.

Clash Royale:

Clash Royale is a strategy game in real time, where you fight online in duels that are frantic. Here, there are all the figures from Clash of Clans: of the rest, Wall Breakers, Archers, and Giants, Barbarian Kings. Clash Royale’s gameplay is simple and straightforward. You start the game with three towers: one in the middle and another two on each side out. The purpose is to use your troops to destroy the central tower while protecting your towers of your enemy. Unless there is a tie each tournament lasts three minutes; in that event, you get some time.

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Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Age of Empires Castle Siege is mostly like Clash of Clans. You build your keep; I’ll choose your culture, and then conduct combat. You’ll get to upgrade your store’s defenses. The game includes heroes to support and recruit for cross-platform play through Xbox Live sign-in. The mechanics are mostly similar. You have more control, and  It is not bad.

Boom Beach:

Boom Beach is just another realm construction game on mobile. Your competitors must storm the beach and take your defenses down. Unlike games like Clash of Clans, this one has a campaign style. Add to that this one and the multiplayer is deeper than most. Additionally, it features co-op missions. Some balance issues are occasional, though.

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Age of Civilizations:

Age of Civilizations is a combination between a board game and a strategy game. Where your job is to get territories, it’s a lot of the very same attributes as Risk. You will have access to various situations, such as II and World War I in addition to a world scenario.. It contains some mechanics, two planets, and 193 civilizations. It’s complicated, challenging, and incredibly addictive. On top of that, there are no any in-app purchases. It’s one of the better, easier strategy games.

Star Wars: Commander

Of seeing as Storm troopers duke it out against Droids from Tatooine’s land or fantasy, or fiction? You can by playing Star Wars: the game with which Lucas film and Disney bring the celebrated Star Wars franchise to the strategy, Commander Realm. Many will dismiss this, but it improves with the addition of features that are exciting and eliminating other ones to offer you a better gaming experience. Plus if you’re a Star Wars fan, you only need to check out this game.

Though the gameplay doesn’t differ depending on the faction, the narrative does.

Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of Duty: Heroes is a standard Clash of Clans theme. You begin with an outpost. Defend, and your work is to update it. You will receive control of many different heroes, and you can level up them to unlock skills.  It comes complete with alliances where you chat and can donate troops. It also has a campaign mode and, of course, PvP. You can call in drone strikes to give an edge to yourself. It is also not bad, although it isn’t amazing.

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Jungle Heat: Weapons of revenge

There are many of these, and each one has its skills. Otherwise, it’s a kind of game. You update defenses build a base, and attack other players. It does have the benefit of being playable on computers through Facebook. Jungle Heat has tournaments which help keep players engaged. Updates have been somewhat harsh for long time players. We imagine they will find that straightened out later or sooner.

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