What Happens to Cryptocurrency When You Die?

The modern and trending cryptocurrency market hit the trading sector at the global economic level and turn as a predominant currency for the world. In a very short duration, cryptocurrency has attracted the business owners towards it and every second entrepreneur has been seen in investing in the digital currency and searching for the Cryptocurrency Development services.

This is a pristine currency for the people and till now people only know the procedure of investing in it, but they are not aware if something happens to them so how their family will get the investment back? Yes, death is natural on this earth and everyone has to face it. So for that, it is imperative that a person should know the secure path and after you your family can inherit the fund.  If you have money and invested so why should it go in vain.

How long  cryptocurrency will lasts?

Cryptocurrency is a new currency and till now the status of this currency can’t be defined till now, as a matter is Lil bit conflict. Some countries fully supported it and some have clearly rejected it. The future can’t be decided till now and we also can’t assure, what will it bring in future, but till now it has become popular and it could be possible that in future, it can be a ruler and can also lost its presence.

Is transferring the cryptocurrency easy?

Still there is no legal procedure to transfer the fund to the family or loved ones. There is nothing on papers, whereas it can be a big challenge also as here the process is not simple as to transfer the cash or other property. You can transfer the cash or property to anyone to whom you desire to have the power, you can transfer it with some legal formalities.

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In cryptocurrency, there is no legitimate process to transfer the fund, here the private key plays an imperative role. Even the fund can be transferable via private key.

It is still a mystery that how many bitcoins have  been lost whose owners have passed away without giving any information. Industry experts have stated that between  2.3 million and 3.7 million bitcoins  have no clue  that whom it belongs to and to whom it should it be transferred. Those bitcoins are worth between $15 billion to $24 billion.

What is Private key in cryptocurrency?

A private key act as an unchangeable password, which generates with an origin of new cryptocurrency wallet and it should always be kept as safe as well secure.  It would be not  wrong to say that it is a soul and the power of the cryptocurrency. Basically, the private key is a court document and a generally public document which can be operated by anyone.

Additionally, it means, the private key is very sensitive and it should be kept highly confidential as it is only a way to release the fund from the crypto wallet. This key is unchangeable also, once the password you share with the person he has full authorized rights to transfer the fund.

How to deal with your cryptocurrency securely ?

You can’t share the private key so easily with your family members, as in the initial stage they will not understand its significance. It can be an unwise decision to expose the private key, you have to make sure that you choose the right and trustable person who can understand its benefit and will result it in a right way. The private key password should in right and secure hands, who can able to deal with it.

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For the property and legal money courts are open to sort our issues and family members can also claim for their rights but here the case goes opposite family members have no support. Courts, government no one is going to help in this case or we can say the process in less certain.

The most impressive action of the largest trading platform Coinbase, has come into notice that they give an opportunity to the heirs to tell the assets that is left by the deceased, If family members knows the exchange. So they can get the get the valuable asset back.


Hence, there is no perfect way to transfer the digital currencies to the heirs. Experts and cryptocurrency development company have suggested to divide the portions of your private key among your family members, trusted advisors and loved ones. And unfortunately if the owner passes away so they can collaborate and access the associated wallet.