How does a hoverboard works

Below Article is going to show you background technology that brought hoverboard to this modern and very reliable Era. It passed many stages from time to time, and even now when company launches new hoverboards into the market. Now they have to pass many security checks, and these Security Check vary from country to country or government to governments because all of them have their own set of defined rules to allow hoverboards for the peoples. So here I will show you that what is hoverboard working principle because this will help you in getting one that suits you best. So let’s dive into it.

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What actually hoverboard is ?

Hoverboard is often termed as modern self balancing scooter that gives you sensation of lights in a smooth run which moves at the speed of 10 mph in average. They come inbuilt with batteries which give them 15 miles in a single charge.

These hoverboards have microprocessors and pressure sensors which communicate with each other from time to time on the base of gathered information from pressure sensors microprocessor decides that what should hoverboard do in order to deal with the present situation, this is how you can control the speed by giving it very minute press through your feet, and everything will be in your control. But in order to give hoverboard commands effectively you first have to learn that how to use hoverboards.

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Working of Hoverboards

You might be wondering, what is the technology that’s working behind this two wheeled machine which is balancing your whole body with only two tires which are constantly propelling you at a constant speed and let you fall down. there are many components which are working parallel in order to provide you that secret trip.

Logic Board

Logic board is also called as brain of hoverboard. It decides in real time that what her board should do based on the signals that are provided by its sensors, there is a processor which actually computes all the calculations in real time to get you move properly with flow and speed, for example when you are pressing pressure pad to the right, iD generate single that you want to move towards right, all the signals go to the processor where it commands too tires after calculation that they should turn right. This is how things go on logic board.


How does a hoverboard works

Battery provides hoverboard all the necessary current or electricity that it needs for working of logic board in order to take decisions, and to LEDs which are inserted on board, along with other such components that help hoverboard to move. Usually in a single charge most of the hoverboards provide you about 15 miles of trip. All these batteries which come in built with hoverboards are totally safe, because they pass numerous test in order to get launched into the market.


Gyroscope actually communicates with the processor or simply logic board whether it’s driver wants to move right or left because it receives data from till sensors. It also keeps the whole board upright. For example when you are standing upright with your feet flat, then Gyroscope tells it’s processor that there is no need to run Motors, but as soon as you lean forward its sensors provides signals to the processor to run tires / motor.


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motors are the main component which provide movement to the hoverboard, controlling the speed of a board, turning right or left etc and other such task are done with the help of motors, they run the tires and supports all the relative movements.

Charging Socket

In order to charge batteries of hoverboard, there is a charging socket through which you can attach an adapter to charge its battery.

Infrared Sensors

Both the pressure pads have an sensor below them, what they do is figuring distances out and providing signals to the motherboard or what we said logic board, logic board detects the signals and process them accordingly.

Control Board

As controls of hoverboards Vary from board to board, so this board changes along, for the sack of illustration , let’s take an example that you get different riding levels including beginner, medium or experience mode. Now what control board does is providing you dashboard to control all such related things, if your hoverboard contains bluetooth speaker features, or inbuilt smartphone app connectivity etc. All these things comes under this section.


The combo of all the smart compornets of hoverboard go in the way that from time to time each component communicate with other  and all this is handled by the its logic board or motherboard in which processor is inserted that control all these interrelated signals to give hoverboard final movements, Infrared sensor under the pressure pad sends signals as soon as you lean forward to the processor, which calculates that how much  you leaned, on the base of which it finally sends commands to the motors that it should now take some rounds, of if to take any turn etc. Battery keeps everything alive to provide constant functioning.

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So combining all these things, you get hoverboard under your feet working perfectly.