Install Windows XP Themes on Windows 10 in 4 Simple Steps

Install Windows XP Themes on Windows 10. Microsoft is a huge publisher and has hence published a number of software which all of us use. Obviously, who doesn’t know about the Windows though? Microsoft brought out the Windows, starting from Windows 3.1 and the last one was Windows 10, which came out in the year 2015. Most of us have been using it since then. Anyone who bought a new pc with the official Windows 8/8.1 could easily get the free Windows 10 Updates from the Windows Store. Although Windows 10 has all the best features, which a person would want on their PC, classics still stay classics. You can find many such people who might always be looking forward to diving back onto Windows 95, 98 or Windows XP or 7.

It sure isn’t their fault. It’s just about their love for classics. Windows XP sure looked really good. The feel was very simple, and the sound which it used to produce, when you would Empty the Recycle bin, was my personal favorite.

Why would one want to Experience using Windows XP? Again!?

Well, in this world of various possibilities, some questions are better unanswered. You too might be wondering why would someone want that, but to most of our surprise, too many people want that. Around 40,000 people in the United States search the Google looking for Windows XP ISO every month. Strange, right? Still, not impossible.

Well, this happens when people actually want to experience using Windows XP, or maybe they want to use some software which would not run on any newer version of windows, but on Windows XP. Understandable, Yes!

How to Experience Windows XP on your Windows 10 PC?

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Anyway, on your new 2017 age computer with Windows 10, there are only two ways, which you can use Windows XP in. First, you can use/setup a virtual machine and then run the Windows XP ISO Files, after burning those into a Bootable Windows XP ISO DVD (click here to download windows xp iso). Or, you can opt out for a comparatively easier way. Just that, choosing the other easier way, you won’t be able to use Windows XP. It will just be a Windows XP theme, that you’ll be using. Still, want to do it? Well, great then. Read below to find out How.

How to Install Windows XP Themes on Windows 10?

So, first thing first. You need to understand that I might sure be writing this article, but that doesn’t mean that if you harm your computer anyhow, you can blame it on me. And secondly, Windows 10 doesn’t allow any external themes, unlike Windows XP. So, what you need to do is make a few small tweaks. Fair enough? Cool, lets head on now.

1). Install uxStyle:

Okay, so as I said Windows 10 doesn’t support any external themes, you have to install this software. The name is uxStyle, and you can download it from here.

2). Download themes:

Now, the next thing that you have to do is visit the page of DeviantArt. There from you can download various Windows XP Themes for Windows 10. After you have downloaded the themes, the next thing you need to do is extract these files into the Windows 10 Themes Folder. This way, these Windows XP Themes will be added to the folder, and hence be installed.

3). Copy the Theme Files:

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The next thing you need to do is move the Theme Files to the Windows 10 Themes Folder. Simply, go to Run and type in %windir%\Resources\Themes\ and then hit Enter. Now, copy and paste all the Windows XP Themes for Windows 10 Files to this folder. That’s all.

4). Explore and use New Windows XP Themes on Windows 10:

Now, finally you can go to the Desktop, and right click to go to Personalize. From there, choose the Themes option, and you will be able to Find these new Windows XP Themes there. Simply choose the Theme you like, and you will be good to go.

So, this was it for now. We hope you found this article useful. Here, you got to know about How to Install Windows XP Themes on Windows 10? If this was fun, and helpful, share it with your friends as well. Also, stay in touch with this blog of ours, for more such interesting information.

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