Important Settings For Request Email

I will explain how to set up request mails as an example of a mail seminar that actually operates.This is my blog, an affiliate blog Dawn from a sideline! It is a mail seminar called “Introductory affiliate of blog beginner” which is set up in.

Request mail auto reply 

We have seven e-mails added three days later, e-mails that also serve as thanks and greetings to a yahoo mail seminar for a total of 6 days a day.

  1. First of all, let’s set up this format.
  2. First, log in from the top page of request mail, top right.
  3. Request mail TOP
  4. First click on Add Scenario to proceed.
  5. Add request mail scenario
  6. Scenario name, distribution interval, number of times to deliver.

For this time, I will register “Blog beginner’s entry to affiliate”, “1 day”, “6 times”.

The number of times of delivery is 3, 6, 9, 12 in the first setting. . . You can only register with a fixed number of, so we will fix it on the next screen.

Request Email Scenario Name 

  1. Next, we will set up the basic information of the scenario.
  2. Request mail basic information setting
  3. Part of the contents of this setting will prosper with the subject of the e-mail that the other party reaches, the sender.

Source → Source of

sender mail address → address of sender’s mail

The administrator mail address is the e-mail address to which the e-mail of the report arrives when there is registration from the mail form. It can be the same as the source mail address or different address.

Subscription Procedure Registration Completion URL, when registered on the form, will notify you that the screen has changed and that it was registered, but if you set the screen yourself, it will be entered. If it is blank, initial setting screen appears.

By the way I am blank. If you check on simultaneous registration to mugmail and enter ID, registration of e-mail magazine will be done at the same time as registration of the form. It is a very convenient function.

  1. Request yahoo mail basic information setting
  2. Next, it is setting contents of distribution and schedule.
  3. Request mail distribution contents

On this screen, first click on “Increase the number of times of delivery” to 7 times.

You can set and set the time here, but it will be a hassle over twice, so I will do everything last.

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By checking “change” and “cancellation”, you can set the message displayed when changing the mail address and when canceling subscription. By the way I am not using it.

  1. Let’s go from editing the body setting to editing the scenario.
  2. Edit request mail scenario
  3. Here, we will make various settings of the body of the scenario.

First of all, there are descriptions and description in the text list, but this is not necessary this time because it is unnecessary. This is a request tag’s own tag, but I’ll explain it later.

Request mail body setting 


The “subject” set here is the subject of the mail.

To use the header

Header, check it and set the header later. If you set it, it is convenient because it will prosper in all the mails in the scenario just by checking.

By the way, in this scenario, we do not use headers as the number of times of e-mail seminar changes every time, once and twice.


Enter the message body.

In this text, when using the name of the person who registered, use the% FirstName% tag.

Hello,% FirstName%. . . It is like this.


checking various kinds of information, announcement of delivery cancellation and notice of change of e-mail address will appear at the end of e-mail. I think either way is fine.

Check to set footer

It is the same as the header. In this scenario we use footers. You can now set the scenario mail.

After entering 7 mail scenarios in turn, set the delivery date and delivery time of each scenario and register.

Request mail body setting

Let’s check in the preview if you can do so far, actually whether the sentences of the mail are correct.

How to use request mail

In addition, you can distribute test mail from the bottom of the preview screen.

If you look at the actual mail, such as the condition of line breaks, it may seem different again, so I think that it was better to see it once.

Request email How to use     Next, set the header and footer.

How to use request mail

  1. Normally, if you create a new scenario, it automatically appears on the next setting screen.
  2. Request mail setting method
  3. Select the method of registering mail.
  4. In the case of a personal computer, check registration from the website.
  5. Request mail manual
  6. By the way, in case of empty mail registration on mobile, we make the following settings.
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How to set request mail 

Finally, we will set up the registration form.

  1. In the case of “beginner’s blog beginner affiliate”, check only “name” and set the item name at “display” to “name”.
  2. This will prosper in the tag% FirstName%.
  3. Since only the mail address is a required input item, you do not need to select it.
  4. Request email How to use

Now that we have set up the scenario e-mail, we will start up “Blog beginner’s affiliate introduction”. Click on the upper left corner of the scenario list, please click on the place called “to run” in the “Affiliate introductory blog beginner”.

Request mail operation 

  1. Now that we have finished setting up the mail seminar, we will install the form.
  2. Click [Place form HTML code for web registration].
  3. Request mail registration form
  4. In this screen “html code” and the current display example are shown as “sample of registration form”.
  5. Please adjust html according to your preference.

Request mail registration form 

Once you get the html code, paste it on your site, register it yourself and try looking at your mail.

With this, it will be completed if mail is sent without problems. However, it takes 9 days to check everything.

Well, for the individual e-mail, so I think that already have checked in the preview, if me sent one copy, I think mostly of how it is seen. Next, let’s set up this e-mail seminar so that it can be seen more and more, not the next day, using the request function. One scenario has been completed so far.

From here, we will create a new scenario while reducing delivery mails one by one.

Only the last reward of e-mail will be sent after 3 days without using this function, so we will add a total of 5 scenarios.It takes time and effort if there are many delivery mails, but the work itself is easy.

  1. First of all, I decide 5 scenario numbers to be newly formed.
  2. The second is the scenario number 2, the third is the scenario number 3, and so on up to the sixth round. And I will add such sentences to the end of the first delivery mail that I formed earlier.
  3. If you want to read the continuation soon, please click here.
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% change2%

  1. Request mail change tag
  2. Using this tag “% change 2%” will change the scenario from current 1 to 2.

Likewise, please add to the second delivery mail in order, like “% change 3%”, until the 5th time.

The sixth time will be the last of the seminar, so do not add any tags.

Since I will use it later, please copy all contents of the changed mails from 2nd to 5th and the contents of the 6th and reward e-mail to memo pad etc. in an easy to understand manner.

By the way, the tag which changes the scenario has another tag “% story **%”, but if you use it in this case, scenario 2 will be activated while scenario 1 is kept alive. Then, please note that the same mail will be delivered to the end two times.

At first it is difficult to understand, but as soon as you use it you get used to it.

If you can do so far, add a new scenario and give a descriptive name such as “Introductory beginner’s blog entry 2nd”. And I will copy and paste the same thing in order from the 2nd seminar mail. Do not forget the sixth and the email of thanks.

Request mail scenario added 

If I repeat this until scenario 6, I think that six seminars are the fastest and can be seen for about 2 hours or so. By doing this, you can have it look more and more while you are interested, and you can socialize for a couple of days depending on the opponent.

Try this as one example. How was it, was it difficult?

Even if we say tags, we only use these two three, so we will soon get used to it.

% FirstName%%

story ** %%

change **%

Such a mail report format is the basic usage of request mail, so please try it by all means.