Intranet Re-Designing Tips To Enhance User Experience

Like designing a corporate intranet, redesigning also requires a team of developers, architects, and designers working together to deliver the outcomes that would improve employee engagement while enhancing their productivity.  The presence of its alone is not enough to make a difference. It is also important for you to build an intranet incorporated with a bucket of beneficial features that will cover all of your employees’ needs.

Analyzing your employee is one of the most imperative activities you must do while beginning your redesign journey:

Understand Your Audiences:

First and foremost thing you should do is to determine your audiences based on the structure and size of your company. You can start with existing silos to break down your organization. Check how many operations, regions, offices, and departments are there to work. This would help you to find out the portions of the workforce which is not based on the intranet at all. On the other hand, you can also find out the portions of the employees who need the intranet the most. Check what type of information and areas of the intranet they need mostly.  These could be in the form of different tools, applications, various types of communications, and even separate portals.

Once the audiences are defined, it’s your responsibility to find out various teams and groups using different types of methods. Conducting focus groups, interviewing management, or polling users may be included in some of these methods. You are highly suggested to know what is important to engage with various representatives of your user groups. What communications content matters to your audiences? What tools are their favorite to perform the tasks? Is every group following the same corporate culture? Where is the existing intranet lacking?  What kinds of changes are required to deliver the improved version of intranet?

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Having a deep look at various portions of your organization will surely help you to learn something extra about the current intranet’s technology and processes.

Define What Will the Intranet do and who will be involved In it:

In short, your intranet should follow a proper strategy in order to deliver the expected outcomes. You can’t ignore this step at all if you really don’t want your intranet to fail within a relatively short period of time. The organization’s performance and success are majorly dependent on the proper implementation of the intranet’s strategy.

Make it Simple to Use:

The easier and simpler the intranet is, the better chances of creating positive outcomes for the companies would be. Try to include only the useful and interesting features so that your employees don’t have to face any glitches while operating the intranet system.

Start The Process Slow:

There is no need to run at a high speed especially when you have redesigned your intranet. Let your employees give the chance to understand all the features of the system properly before increasing its speed. This would also help them to adapt to all the existing features before throwing something else at them.

Give Them A Proper Training If Required:

You have spent a lot of hours over the redesigning your intranet, so you have proper knowledge about its all features and usability. But, unfortunately, other employees within the company are new to the re-designed system. Thus, it’s your responsibility to arrange a training session to provide them with a thorough knowledge on how to use the system for the best possible results, if possible.

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Look and Feel + Experience = Best Intranet (MyHub)

Creating the best intranet primarily involves a deep focus on user experience as well as the look and feel of the intranet. Thus, make sure that you follow the above mentioned points and keep the ‘experience’ unique, by using different fonts, colors, media, and varied style elements. This will, in a way, help your employees stay engaged and believe that you actually care about retaining your employees.

Last but not the least; utility should also be one of the major pillars of your intranet software. Not just, the intranet must be visually stunning, but also be helpful to the end-users. Remember that your corporate intranet is not a platform that is made to awe-inspire your employees; it is a sort of platform where employees of your company could go as a part of their routine procedure, access important information (whatever is required), share out-of-the-box concepts, assign tasks to juniors, announce the achievements made by one, tag skills and much more that engages the staff like a united family.

Summary: Redesigning an intranet is an act of improvement over the previous corporate intranet’s design to engage the employees of an organization & boost users’ experience.

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