Nikon D850, All The Information Of The New Full Frame DSLR With 46 Megapixels

Since the launch of the concept of full frame Nikon D810 photography market turmoil the capabilities & possibilities of this series by Nikon professional line camera in 2014. Nikon has just made official the launch of a new full frame SLR, the Nikon D850 after a long wait.  It launch last month to replace the Nikon D810 with the advancement of Nikon D5, the company’s top-of-the-line professional camera. As Nikon Rumors website reported that the D850 is more for a “D5 baby” and a confirmation of that idea was an interview from NikonGear.

Its manufacture stopped being a secret in late July when the Japanese company delivered a statement announcing that it was developing a new model. The announcement was accompanied by a video that explained nothing, that produced many rumors about the features with which the new model would come. Now, rumor has it that a new camera, the Nikon D850, is already in full swing.

Many of professionals have to look for high-end devices in photography market. The Nikon D850, a camera with full frame design and with features designed to get all the juice to the time-lapse technology, has been around for some time now.

The question about this new device is that its arrival is practically confirmed, pointing out some to the month of September as a key date for its arrival. However in Nikon have not yet officially marked.

Nikon D850

Nikon has decided to take the war seriously and attack the queen. Since surely the goal is to dethrone the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I dare say that Nikon stand before the best camera presented in 2017 in terms of quality-performance-price.

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The Nikon D850 outperforms its ancestor, the Nikon D810 in several points. The key points are,

  • Backlit sensor,
  • Resolution (which goes from 36 to 46 megapixels),
  • The 153 focus points

According to all leaked data so far, the SLR would bet on a new full-format sensor without low-pass filter. Therefore, the ability to shoot between 63 and 25,600 ISO, with a forced of 32 ISO and a BSI sensor that will achieve a better image quality. That make us think that the image quality of the D850 will be very satisfactory without Falling at the edges of the image and very sharp throughout the pixel.

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In addition to these “major” improvements, such as improved battery that will allow up to 1840 shots with a full charge.  Another update is same as the Nikon D5, lower weight, possibility of Make time lapse at 8K. The time-lapse 8K (a performance already officially confirmed by Nikon), the D850 will also offer 4K video recording and Full HD at 120 fps. It could be able to shoot 7 images per second (9 with the grip and up to 30 if we lower the resolution) if we cannot keep the shot long?, The Nikon D850 has improved the buffer up to 51 files.

The two main strengths of a camera that also has a touch screen, dropping of 3.2 inches, double slot for SD and XQF cards. Nikon D850 came with a hybrid viewfinder, optical and electronic. The truth is that it is finally an optical one, but it is not an ordinary viewfinder, it is a viewfinder 0.75X, the largest so far in full frame cameras.

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As we said before, some important features like the AF module, measurement sensor and the AF processor are a direct inheritance of the camera: The D5, so the user of the D850 will get an experience and some Results in performance comparable to those of the above-mentioned high-end camera.


  • 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor
  • 7 fps continuous shooting with AE / AF (9 with battery grip and EN-EL18b battery)
  • 153-point AF system linked to 180,000-pixel metering system
  • UHD 4K video capture at up to 30p from full sensor width
  • 1080 video at up to 120p, recorded as roughly 1/4 or 1 / 5th speed slow-mo
  • 1 XQD slot and 1 UHS II-compliant SD slot
  • Battery life rated at 1840 shots
  • 3.2 “tilting touchscreen with 2.36M-dot (1024 × 768 pixel) LCD
  • Illuminated controls
  • SnapBridge full-time Bluetooth LE connection system with Wi-Fi
  • Advanced time-lapse options (including in-camera 4K video creation)

Connectivity on the Nikon D850

Taking into account that we are in the world of social networking, instant communication and live videos, at Nikon have also endeavored to cover the section of connectivity of the camera. Connections Bluetooth, WiFi and SnapBridge will ensure that there are no impediments to transfer a snapshot or video over the Internet.

Leaving aside fans who can afford large sums of money on their photography equipment, it is normal for Nikon D850 to find its natural space in audio-visual productions and sets. Now that high resolution videos are so fashionable and play with the times and processes, we can not think of a better device to cover the production of these same contents.

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Nikon D850 Release Date & Price

I would not take too much “iron and fire” the idea of ​​the new D850 camera being released later this year as Nikon has just warned in a statement on its website that the Nikon D5 special edition designed to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary will Its launch, previously scheduled for the end of July, delayed in a few weeks. As you can see, Nikon is still promising and not delivering …

The price is one of the few details that remain to be known, although the pools are already moving in a figure around $3300 for the new body. Anyway, there are also those who talk that European market would be closer to 4,000 euros.

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