Nikon Step in Mirrorless World by Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

The Nikon Z6 and the Nikon Z7 will probably be the two most important releases of the year in the world of cameras. Now, there are still many questions about how they will be and if that really be relevant options for professional users. Well, now we have real information about the new Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7.

The Nikon Z6 high speed and low light and the Nikon Z7 high resolution will reach the market on September 27.

Nikon is now ready to compete with Sony. The two new cameras from the Japanese manufacturer, dubbed Z6 and Z7. Without mirror, have a full frame sensor and promise similar features to Sony’s A7 range (A7III and A7RIII).

Both cameras are premiere design and body. Its chassis is significantly smaller than that of other cameras with mirror manufacturer. However, that does not prevent inside an advanced CMOS sensor of 35.9 x 23.9 mm.

In the Z7 model, the sensor offers a resolution of 45.7 megapixels, 493 focus points and an ISO window between 64 and 25600. The Z6 model, on the other hand, mounts a 24.5 megapixel sensor, 273 pixels Focus and an ISO window between 100 and 51200 ISO.

The new hybrid autofocus systems capable of dynamically tracking an object and working with a predictive approach. They also boast an internal five-axis stabilization system.

The electronic viewfinder takes advantage of OLED technology, shows 3.69 million points and covers 100% of the area captured by the sensor. On the other hand, the external display has LCD technology, a size of 3.2 inches and 170-degree viewing angles.

As far as video recording is concerned, the new models reach 4K resolution up to 30 FPS. You can raise the number of frames per second to 120 if the resolution drops to 1080p.

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The new mount, named Z, will be compatible with the lenses and accessories of previous models thanks to the FTZ adapter, which will be sale for $ 250. Some 90 F-mount lenses will be fully compatible with the new system thanks to this adapter.

Nikon says that the new mount will allow to create much more advanced lenses. In the presentation event, he announced the development of a 58mm f / 0.95 manual focus lens, although it will not reach stores until 2019.

The Nikon Z7 will hit stores on September 27, while the Z6 model will be available throughout November. Its cost will be 3,399 and 1,995 dollars, respectively.

In both cases a “kit” with a 24-70mm opening lens f / 4 will be offered. The cost will be $ 3,999 for the Z7 and $ 2,599 for the Z6.

Information from users who are already analyzing the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

Still now the only information we cover the possible technical characteristics that would tell the two cameras. The information is useful to determine the level of these two cameras. However, professional users need more information to know if they really able to relieve the Nikon D850, the Canon 5D Mark IV or the Sony A7 III.

Well, now comes information from users who are already analyzing the cameras. Professional users (whom to Nikon has lent the camera) who already express their conclusions about them. Information that is much more useful to determine the possible success of the cameras.

Similar to the Sony A7

One of the keys is that the two cameras is designed similar to the Sony A7. Actually, it is logical. They will be somewhat more compact cameras than the Nikon D850, but they will performed like professional level cameras. The design of the Sony A7 is already simplified, so it expected similar for those two’s.

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However, it is stated that the design of the camera as far as comfort is concerned when using them at the professional level is simply perfect. We imagine that this will be felt even more when comparing the use of a Nikon D850 with a Nikon Z7.


One of the great novelties launched by the Z cameras without mirror from Nikon. Specifically, they will have a Z-mount mount, different from the F-mount used by Nikon lenses for decades.

It’s a much bigger mount than the F-Mount. In fact, it can compared to the frames of medium format 6 × 6 SLR.

One of the problems with Nikon’s F-Mount mount is that it was smaller than Canon’s mount. This limited the possibilities of integrating a larger Full Frame sensor in the future. At the same time, with the users that Nikon has, it was impossible to launch targets for a new mount and change the mount to the new cameras. This has been solved with the Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7.

Given that they were going to have to have new objectives, Nikon has integrated a new mount, with much more future.

Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 will be very similar

Apparently, the Nikon Z6 and the Nikon Z7 will be the same, at least in design. The both cameras will  use the same battery.

In my opinion, the two cameras will come to compete with the Sony A7 III and the Sony A7R III, by different market objectives.

Fixed electronic viewfinder

As we know, by not having a mirror, it is necessary to have an electronic viewfinder. It is one of the advantages of mirrorless cameras (for some disadvantage). In this case, it will be a fixed electronic viewer. It will not be mobile, nor can we remove it (as in the case of the Fujifilm GFX). It need to be purchase as an additional accessory. Nikon has considered that a camera of this level must have an electronic viewer. It seems real. In fact, those cameras that have an optional electronic viewfinder and that must be purchased separately are either basic range or are cameras in which design has been impossible to integrate.

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Without scene modes

Something that makes clear the target market of these two cameras is that they do not have scene modes. They have an automatic mode, with the four standard modes: Manual, Priority of opening, Priority to speed and Program; these three modes customizable by the user.

Scene modes are very useful for learning photography. Obviously, a user who has intend to learn photography should not buy one of these two cameras.

Nikon D850 vs Nikon Z7?

The question that remains is whether the camera will compete with the Nikon D850. Something that will be decisive is whether Nikon will include it in the Nikon Professional Service, if so; it is likely that the company’s objective is to turn them into new references for professionals. This will make a very important difference with Canon, who has had Mirrorless cameras for two years now, but they are not yet rivals of the company’s high-end cameras.