Real Life Examples of The Internet Of Things (Iot) in Daily Lifestyle

The passage of time is something inevitable, as well as technological evolution. One of the technological advances that affect us most directly in our homes is the Internet of Things or IOT (Internet of Things). The interconnection of devices (thanks to the Internet) offers a wide range of improvements that will directly affect our day to day.

Every day, there are more professionals in charge of devising and carrying out developments in the field of the internet of things. One of the demanded profiles is the one of the superior technician in Development of Applications Arcadio.

The Internet of Things is essential

Not long ago, we lived without a smartphone and today it seems impossible to live without the application recommended by the nearest restaurants or the application with the weather forecast. These are just some of the uses we will give to the Internet of things, sooner rather than later:

  1. A smart refrigerator

Now our refrigerator are connect up by the Internet of Things. It can tell us what foods are running out and what to place the order. The products that are finished in the refrigerator will fill up at the scheduled time so that you never miss anything.

  1. Appliances that notify the mobile

Not only does the refrigerator become more smart. Some appliances, will take care when you away for your work. For example, when the oven finishes cooking or the washing machine has finished with the clothes, you will receive a notice on the mobile phone. The burnt biscuits or the wrinkled clothes in the washing machine will be finished.

  1. Clean and ready food
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What a pleasure your home welcome you and all the tasks already done. The vacuum robots or kitchen robots can perform remotely or previously scheduled program. If we forget to activate the heating or the house alarm, we can do it comfortably far away from anywhere we are, through the mobile.

  1. Useful information while driving

The car connected to the Internet will give us the best route in real time, it will remind us to go to the gas station when we are running out of fuel. Even when we look for parking, it will tell us where there are free spaces to park.

  1. Plantation & Farming

Internet of Things has extremely opened up for farmers and growers to cultivate soil and raise livestock by easily install sensor. Smart application promise to provide 24/7 of soil and crop health,  animal behavior, and energy consumption level etc. Smart farming products can tracks livestock, detect any failure of production systems, analyze mapping. There is no doubt that IoT-assisted applications improve & optimize farm performance.

  1. IoT in Gardening

You might not be thinking much how IoT innovation involve in gardening. Now smart garden is introduced where soil sensors can regulate sprinkler to tuned water supply. Potential toxic pesticides become more simplified with IoT. By using of sensor and smart cameras device can detect weeds, insects, and animal threats and take necessary response individually.

The future is closer than we think. Very soon, we will all have these advances in our own home. Do you know any other, of everyday use, that you want to share?