How To Shop Online Without A Credit Card

Shopping is the most interesting time that every person enjoys. And to make purchases of any items, online shopping is quite fun. Furthermore, online shopping is most effective as you can compare prices and select the best products. You may get discourage when you are not having a credit card when shopping online. In that case, we have brought you how to shop online without a credit card. We know you may feel down when you have payment method without credit card. There are many who search about the shopping items but cannot buy because of Credit card. For example, there are many who search for what time does pizza hut close or open but never search for their payment options. Throw all your worries away because even without a credit card online shopping is possible. Here we have list down some alternatives of credit card to buy items online.

List of Payment Alternatives to Shop Online Without a Credit Card:

It is easy to shop online even without paying with credit card. All you need is proper understanding of the list to buy things without a credit card. Check out the alternatives payment tactics;

Use your Debit Card:

Know that those shopping sites that access payment with credit card will also access payment with debit card. They are the most easy payment method for shopping any items online. Apart from that, paying with debit cards is also fast and easy. Since debit cards are linked with your bank account number, you do not have to worry about cash deduction. This is because money gets transferred instantly from your bank account. For paying via debit card, enter debit card details in payment gateway. You must enter your 16-digit card details available in debit card. Also, enter the account holder name, date of expiration and CVC number at the back of the card.

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Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT):

With shopping sites like Amazon, eBay you can get access to payment via electronic fund transfer. Now you may think how this payment is possible. Well, this payment method is safe because money gets transfer from your account directly. To do this, you need to add your account number and routing number. Since, you are providing your information to unknown party, do know that it is a secured shopping site.

Use Online Payments like PayPal:

Some of the shopping sites use PayPal services for cash deduction. All you have to do is make an account with PayPal and link that with your very bank account details. To create an account, sign up with shopping sites first. Simply connect your debit card details on the shopping sites. Now you can purchase all your favorite products in a very short period of time.

Use Electronic Wallet:

If you are asking yourself how to shop online without a credit card then use electronic wallet. As a matter of fact, more than any traditional online payment, electronic wallet is better. This is because with just a simple step you can add cash to your digital wallets. Simple signup with an account and add your account details or debit card number. Now you can use them as an app for online payment.

Cash On Delivery (COD):

COD also known as cash on delivery is the most prominent ways to pay online. In other words, they are safe and secure as first you need to order items and then pay when it arrives at your door. The advantage of this payment option is, no penny is given until product delivery done. As well, you can examine and check the product the moment it is delivered and return it back if it’s not your taste.

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Use Gift Cards Option:

Just like you buy items physically you can also use the gift cards as well in online stores. But remember that the gift card can be used only in particular shopping site. For instance, Amazon gift card can only be used at Amazon online store. So, when you go for next shopping you can add your gift card remaining balance to your account easily.

Save Rewards and Points:

When you purchase some items online, you also get payback points or rewards. With the help of this reward, you can buy online stuff again. Now collect as much points as you can and shop online without a credit card.

Use Check Method:

Purchasing items with check is a little pain because many retailers do not accept this option. Only some stores like eBay, Amazon do accept it. However, apart from credit card, you can also access with check and wait unless the bank confirms it. After all this procedure, you will be notified with item shipping status. Further, this is a very tiresome process as it consumes a lot of time and energy.

Final Words:

As you know that fraudsters are very rare in credit card payment, be very attentive while you are using alternative payment option. So, if anyone asks you how to shop online without a credit card then share them these above mention methods. While you are processing the payment, make sure your account is safe and secure. Also, check whether the particular website that you are shopping is safe.

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