How a Simple and Easy CRM Leads to Sales Success?

Did you know how many hours your sales team loses every day for not having an easy-to-use sales CRM software? The research shows that an average sales rep spends about four hours a week updating their company’s customer relationship management software.

The worst part is 79% of the opportunity-related info is never updated in the system because nobody likes using systems that are too complex. Nobody has the patience to do that anymore. Especially, salespeople who are always pressed for time and presumed to use a sales tool to monitor their performance and regulate their work routine.

As a result, most businesses in the early stages and growth phases struggle to improve their conversion rate. They fail to understand that they are required to establish sales pipelines that are well managed, right from the beginning, so their sales and customer relationships grow along.

This is why growing businesses are encouraged to invest in the right CRM solution that can efficiently manage their sales pipeline and save them a lot of valuable time.

How an Easy CRM Solution Offers Value?

Efficient sales pipeline management leads to successful sales. This is purely because a systemized approach bring your entire team on the same page when trying to close deals with potential clients.

So it’s important to choose a reliable CRM for your business. Here is how an easy-to-use CRM can help you scale your sales efforts.

Reduce Manual Labor With Automation

Sales teams that spend hours on administrative tasks not only miss out on productivity but also loses the opportunity to work on what matters the most—moving sales forwards.

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Sure, CRM adoption can greatly help them overcome this problem but choosing a solution is not as easy as it may sound. The customer relationship management system is one of the most crowded and competitive markets with more than 150 vendors in the race.

To help you out, here is a solution: Pick the one that automates manual work. For instance, Funnel CRM, a CRM for small businesses, automatically take contacts’ basic info and create their profiles based on what they have entered in web contact forms.

Not only a clean and totally visible dashboard will give a clear view of the entire sales pipeline, but also empower you to take prompt action on real-time insights. Enabling you to stay on track when it comes to achieving the monthly sales goals.

Your Desired Information in One Place

A key benefit of adopting the best CRM is it creates a dedicated workspace outside your messy inbox or spreadsheet. Thereby making it easier for your sales team to manage data and improve work productivity by quickly accessing the desired information and responding to queries.

For example, all your leads and interactions with prospects and customers land directly into Funnel CRM. This keeps your work-related messages from mixing with your parent’s vacation photos. Plus, you can view, manage, and reply to all conversations through one app.     

When you have all your information in one single unit, you are able to make quick decisions, leading to faster implementation. This can drastically improve your customer relationship, marketing campaigns, and ensure your sales force is always one step ahead of your competition.

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Leverage Integration for Greater Results

CRM integration is another powerful solution to boost productivity and improve efficiency. For instance, today, many popular CRM for small businesses are tightly tied with Gmail. This allows them to store all the contacts and conversations created through your CRM.

This way, even if you decide that you do not want to use your CRM anymore, you won’t have to mess with exporting the data. It will stay right in your Gmail inbox and you can continue any conversation you had with a prospect or customer.

More importantly, all your contacts will be at hand. When your Gmail is populated with all the details and branding of clients, your sales teams won’t have to do the guesswork. In fact, real-time intel will put them in a better position to make decisions.

Other Benefits of Using an Easy CRM Solution

According to InsideCRM, 55% of sales reps believe that ease-of-use is the most important thing in a CRM. Wondering why?

Well, efficiency means everything for small business salespeople because they have fast-paced operations. So when they use a complex and confusing solution it only steals away their valuable time and causes frustration.

The problem doesn’t just end here. When your sales staff find a customer relationship management system way too complex, they’ll eventually stop using it. Growing businesses and freelancers, therefore, should opt for a solution that anyone can easily use it irrespective of their CRM experience.

Of course, you need to train your employees to use a new CRM system, but opting for a user-friendly solution will allow your team to get up and running in a matter of a few hours. Below are some other advantages of using an easy CRM software:

  1. A simple CRM keeps your sales employees motivated which enables them to stay organized and close deals faster.
  2. It prevents new hires from getting overwhelmed or stressed.
  • Features like contact sync and ease of lead capturing alone let your staff focus on selling.
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Final Thoughts

All in all, the key advantage of leveraging a CRM lies in its intelligence. The more easy you can understand and gain insights it provides, the faster you can scale your sales efforts. Else, not only you will end up losing your valuable time but also fail to get any returns on your investment.

Your aim should be to invest in a CRM that offers value and put customers at the heart of your business. Pick a simple and user-friendly CRM because it may just be the key to success. It’s no longer an option, but a must-have for every business regardless of their size.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this post and how you are managing your customers and data.