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Before the end of this amazing year of innovation, it is important to get a review of what have we get in the form of tech gadgets this year. In the year 2017, the society set their own pace and the companies with the help of their research and development department really well at this pace. Companies that are coming with their gadgets are making profound impacts on our lives.

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In the next lines of this article, I am going to list down some of the best tech gadgets that we all enjoyed throughout this year.


The announcement of wireless earbuds from the Apple blew away many tech geeks. Many people were excited about it, and many criticize this move from Apple. However, the AirPods made its buzz around the globe.

Though these AirPods declare to be the success by Apple but the cost of it and an ideal place to get lost everywhere, the Apple AirPods is under severe criticism. Albeit, the AirPods are one of those fancy gadgets that we all have wished at least one to own. The portability and ease of use are top-notch as compared to other Bluetooth supported earbuds. It also comes with the adorable floss sized carrying case which is also the charger of these earbuds, the AirPods is an ideal gadget to buy this 2017.

Moov Now

The world’s gadgets are not only getting smart, but the people are too. Doctors and medical professionals are concerned over the obesity issue and the decreasing health of the world. Thanks to the technology and the companies who are trying their level best to improve our health. The Moov Now is one of those efforts that have transformed our methods of being healthy.

The Moov Now is a no-screen wonder which is a complete package that can keep you healthy. The best thing about this gadget is that it has a six-month battery life. Yes you heard it right, the Moov Now has half a year battery life, and it is cheap also. Through this, you can track your steps, your sleep, your fitness, your running technique and a whole lot more than this by just this no-screen gadget. It is completely a wonder gadget of this year.

Amazon Echo

Due to the vibes, it has created, the Amazon Echo has a numerous look alike or counterfeit product in the market. Which not only wasting the money of the buyer but also getting the real Amazon Echo negative marketing. The truth is, Amazon Echo is not one of the best but the best smart-home device ever produced by any company. Many people think that the Google’s Home has competition with it. However, the numbers are against of this claim. The Amazon echo which is a complete smart home solution is way ahead in discovering all the possibilities to make your home smarter.

The Amazon Echo is the simplest, beautiful, easy to use and an extremely useful gadget to have in your home. The best thing about Amazon Echo is that it has no complex method of installation. You just have to plug it on to the wall, connect it to Wi-Fi network via the Alexa app and you are now ready to use your Amazon Echo. Black Friday could be an ideal day to buy this amazing gadget and converting your home into a smart home.

SmartWatch of the year

The craze of all smartphone hasn’t settled down, and we have now some of the most technologically advanced watches. The Smart Watches are connecting us with the world better. Now we don’t have to carry smartphones which is inconvenient no matter how slim your smartphone is. However, due to new in the market and less penetration in the masses, this industry is still in its transforming phases. However, this year we got one smartwatch which is worthy enough to discuss here.

The Apple watch 3 is a revelation in the smartwatch industry. With this, the Apple has made its spot stable in the market. With the iOS compatibility and 1.53 inch of OLED and dual-core processor, the Apple Watch 3 is undoubtedly a power pack on your wrist. The major difference that made this watch the best of this year from the previous version of Apple Watch is the connectivity with LTE. With the LTE connectivity, the Apple Watch 3 is now not just small and easy to carry but also gives you the fastest internet connectivity ever.

There is a long list of its features. The Apple hasn’t launched any waterproof smartphone, but this Apple Watch 3 is waterproof and has the GPS capabilities too. So when you think that you are lost and want to find the way, this modern compass will tell you your exact position with the fastest internet connectivity.

Nintendo Switch

One of the first gaming console Nintendo is trying to make a comeback in world video gaming scenario with its new product. The Nintendo Switch which is recently released its one tech gadget that is getting much fame this year. It is a $300 worth of gaming console which is simple but effective at a time. You can play games on the TV, but you can take it with you too. The best thing about this console is that it is portable and easy to carry. You can take it everywhere you want. This means that even if you are going for camping and has any source of power, you can play your favourite games under the Milky Way too.

With its flagship game Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Nintendo Switch is not only attracting the old Nintendo players, but it is also making vibes among those who were never fond of video games. This Nintendo Switch is like the remake version of legendary Nintendo console that made us all crazy, and now we have it back with all modern technology touches.

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The decent pair of earphones is readily available in the marketplace. That is classy and makes to listen and rock out. For that, you should choose the best quality with affordable price. Most people will offer to use the headphone where every they go so wireless is preferred. Some purity and sound of high end over the ear headphones are listed below.

Shure SE215 (best sounding technique on earbuds for running)

This headphone has a high-quality sound capacity filtering system, and durability is radically high. The designed quality will be used by sports peoples also during their workouts. You can enjoy your favorite songs while running through these earphones. The significant advantage of the headphone is stable and correctly fitted with memory wire and ear tips and carrying cases provided. In right ear, there is a passive voice isolation which used to detect the noise from the outer environment. The earbuds are soft and durable among other top headphones. The stronger bass range with excellent sound technique induced. It is light weighted and less profile shape which will rest comfortably in the ear. You can use the earphones at any form and with different size according to the users head size. And it has both wired and wireless headphones. The Bluetooth enable are great in this device which connects the entire android version. The battery life of this invention is almost 5 hrs it can be able to withstand. The professional listeners can use this headphone mostly to get perfect and purity of sound.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

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Causal music listeners use it. This headphone gives good sound and comfortable to hear audio and to attend calls. It is also useful for the game audio track with heavy bass, mainstream beats tune, an incredible and bright soundtrack with crisp sound. Due to this functionality, the cost of the headphones is little higher compared with other earphones. Since the price of the headphones is high, they are durable and with excellent quality. It has a robust creation, and ear cups aligned with sound isolation. It offers different experiences for the critical sound professionals. Buy this headphone to get audio purity and excellent sound quality.

Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless

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This type of wireless headphones used for the active lifestyle of all age peoples. It can be used everywhere at any location. This earbud in the headphones is handled out in tough exercise and workouts with full comfort and sound effect. The ear hook is provided to fix the earbuds without moving. It has a great wireless presentation, sizable battery and good range for connecting other android devices. The life of the battery is too excellent which can withstand till 12 hrs. The efficiency of W1 apple technology setup induced in this headphone. It is a water resistance while you work out there will be sweat in your body that will not spoil the headphones. By using this, you can get terrible exercise training without any hesitation. The high-performance beat sound is added to obtain top beat tunes.


This digital headphone has an HDVD 800 amplifier with controlled sound images. The analog sound source enclosed with the high-end device. The features of this digital source are conversion digital audio signal into analog signals by 24 bits resolution a 192KHZ of sampling range. This function is used to enable the frequency to a high-end device which will not at any lack or losses takes place in the spectrum. By this, you will get a perfect sound experience by the Sennheiser. The design will give a sophisticated product, and the material selection will be in the most excellent model to get sound potentially high. The earbuds are manufactured with assigned technology so that the sound waves will directed into your ear with a slight angle. That enhances the natural, impressive listening practice. The transducer of 40mm duofol offered, and the life of audio reproduction is about 10 to 42000 Hz. These models are stylish and dynamically hi-fi headphones with optimistic transducer system. Due to this method, the pleasant trebles with deep bass are obtained like naturally. It has 10 to 39500 Hz frequency retort. The pioneering technology is used by Wed mark to manufacture and design the audiophile headphones with required ranges and quality. It considered as one of the best innovation of headphones in this Sennheiser. And also it denoted as iconic headphone product.

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Best Garden gadgets

Technology and nature are not conflicting with each other. Actually, smart home tech similar to that automating your garage or thermostat can easily extend outside the walls of your house and help you grow plants in an easier way. Best Garden gadgets tech involves weather monitors, plant sensors, robot lawn mowers and sprinkler systems. Even though the wide range is fitting for outdoors, knowing exactly where to start can be hard. After understanding all the available options, you will start relying on push notifications to water your plants and using automation to save time. The best garden gadgets will also help you monitor and collect data about your land’s condition. Smart garden tech diversity has benefited most people.

Plant Technology in garden

Many Best Garden gadgets have hit the market most recently. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will easily find a gadget that will match your individual needs. The first type of garden gadget you might need to consider is smart watering controllers. The gadgets help people avoid water wastage and lower their monthly water bills. They achieve that by automating the sprinklers with weather data to help supply the yard with water when it is needed. The technology allows connection of gardens to smartphones, computers or tablets. They are ideal for busy homeowners or seasoned gardeners who want to save water, time and money.

Plant sensors are also among the most important gadgets to consider. If you have many plants and want to save time or you need help with your gardening, they will help you achieve that. After placing such a gadget into your indoor or outdoor soil, it will start measuring the ambient temperature, the light sensitivity, the soil moisture and the soil temperature. It will finally send all the information to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. It will also notify you when it is time to water your plants.

Robotic automowers are also worthy your consideration. Regardless of the weather condition, the gadget will mow your yards – both day and night – and save your energy and time. To easily control it, you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet.

How they ease our life

Best Garden gadgets will ease your life if you are an average gardener. If you are not certain on what to plant in your yard, some gadgets will help you make a decision in lesser time. They will also tell you the best place to plant some items in your garden so that they can grow successfully.

What’s more, they will help you search for more information on your plants and keep track of them as they grow. And if you rarely complete all tasks, they will help you make a to-do list. You will know the right time to pick vegetables, to water and to add fertilizer. Your life will be easier.

How the best garden gadgets will help you keep your garden greener

Putting plants into the ground is an easier task. Most people get tripped when it comes to the follow-up maintenance. You can rely on the available gardening gadgets to take guesswork out of the equation. They will monitor the soil and inform you when you have to water. You just need to input your plant type in your mobile device and it will inform you when your plants and flowers are thirsty. Most of these devices work for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Best Gardening Tech Gadgets Try it now!


Edyn’s Garden Sensor and Water Valve app is Wi-Fi based. It has a valve set-up that will water all your plants, track humidity, light, soil moisture and nutrition and temperature. The app also provides advice about all the plants that will do better in your garden.
Best Garden gadgets

The product boasts a user-friendly interface and therefore watering plants on demand or on schedule will be easier to manage. On the downside, the product’s sensor might remain on one place. It is therefore not suitable for managing expansive gardens or multiple vegetable rows.

Parrot Pot

If the tasks associated with maintaining greener indoor plants are seemingly hard, you might need to purchase the Parrot Pot. The Wi-Fi enabled pot features a built-in soil sensor and water supply. In addition to irrigating various water species, it will warn you if there are issues with soil nutrition or light.
Best Garden gadgets

The pot can monitor and water a single plant and it is therefore suitable for mini indoor gardens. The application will also dispense fun gardening and botanical facts such as “a farmer grows fountain-grass as cereal crops in a subtropical country”.

Green IQ Smart Garden Hub

The Green IQ Smart Garden Hub is suitable for bigger projects and offers bigger rewards. The product will control and optimize your entire household lighting and irrigation systems and evaluate complex weather conditions. It also forecasts to help you save water. Actually, the product will help you save your water bills in the long term. Even though the product is exceedingly capable, you will need tech know-how to run it.
Best Garden gadgets

The device is effective in controlling watering and therefore beneficial to the environment. In most places, such as Southern California, water is scarce and expensive. Technology is helping homeowners manage the precious resource and reduce their monthly expenses. Possibly, you already know that most homes have sophisticated irrigation systems to help them water plants on pre-programmed schedules. You can water your plants from any place, including when in a walk with friends.

Plantlink Basestation

If you need to manage your real-life garden in a better way, the Plantlink Basestation is a better choice. It will help monitor your plant’s soil humidity and notify you when watering is necessary. One of the features that you will definitely like about this product is that it can manage 64 different sensors. The starter package comes with an additional unit that you can purchase for only $34.
Best Garden gadgets

However, you have to remember that the product will not water your plants on its own. It will only alert you when watering is important. Another product, Plantlink Lush, from the company features integrated water valve. It is therefore suitable for individuals who need to enjoy more benefits.

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