Best Apps for Gardeners

In this technological age, people are receiving instant information about anything they want. If you have a hobby, passion or want a tool to complete a task, you will easily get an app for that. And if you are among the many individuals who enjoy gardening, you will definitely benefit from downloading some of the available best apps for gardeners, which designers develop with the aim of providing people with gardening tools on their hand. The best gardening apps are suitable for homeowners with active gardens.

Best Apps for Gardeners are also available for Android and iOS users.

Garden Designer

Garden Designer is one of best apps for gardeners you can download for your Android or iPad tablet. It is a tool that will help you design your dream landscaping designs and gardens easily. To make a new design, you need to drag over plants, decking, paying, trees and anything you want.  It is easy as that. The app comes with 800 unique objects to help you make better plans – the number is always increasing. You can easily change the size and the color of all objects and plants. Take photos of your plans and put images directly into photos. Moreover, you can redesign fences and paving.

LikeThat Garden

LikeThat Garden app makes visual search a daily reality. With the app, you can search from images to find plants and furniture. The extremely simple app, only available applicable with Apple devices, allows the user to photograph plants and uploads it. The application then sifts through its database to search for matches. Moreover, the application provides details of the similar looking plants to provide more inspiration for gardens and care information. You can download it from the App Store today.

PRO Landscape Companion

PRO Landscape Companion is among the several free applications for PRO Landscape design enthusiasts. To function, the application requires PRO Landscape Version 18 or even higher. If you are a serious gardener or landscape designer in need of a standalone garden or landscape design app, you should download it today.

As a user, you will have to start with a photo of your garden or home and start adding materials, plants and features. The app allows you to draw in mulch or grass, to search for plants, insert original photos and add focal points like furniture and water features. If you are happy with your design, you can save it on your smartphone and share on social media. It is ideal for do it yourself projects.


Start building your garden today with the Plantsss mobile app from Max Delporte. The app helps gardeners identify the best plants to plant depending on their location and recommends the best supplier. The producer has been expanding the app since its release. You might enjoy other more benefits after installing it in your smartphone.

Plant Diary

Plant Diary is another simple  best apps for gardeners that allows gardeners to track their plants. The mobile app flaunts a grid that provides the user with a physical map of their garden and helps them know the location of each plant on their garden. The app is more suitable for green houses, home gardens and farms. Even more, the app does not have many bells and whistles. The designer made it in a simple way and to help people manage their plants easily. It might be suitable for individuals doing a smaller amount of gardening, people who do not need a lot of advice to start gardening or people who live in small houses or apartments – those growing a single or two plants at a time. Plant Diary is compatible with every android device and you can download it from the Google Play Store today.


With My Potager mobile app, you will manage your kitchen garden in a better way. Regardless of whether you are a starter or an advanced gardener, the app will provide you with all information you require to grow over 70 vegetables, herbs and flowers. In addition to the plants descriptions, the product offers several tools to help the user plan a garden.


iScape comes in three versions: iScape, iScape Free and iScape Elite. All the three versions best apps for gardeners allow users to examine the full version and therefore the free version is recommendable for individuals who want to test it before purchase. You can also use the app as an additional design tool. To get the iScape version, you just need $5.99.

The producer uses the iScape Elite to target professional landscapers. The app is free to download but you will pay a fee to continue using it. Some of the popular features on this app include a texture tool that permits users to replace or add ground covers including mulch, grass, stones and pavers. You will enjoy the benefit of sharing and saving images and the ability to use all photos stored in your phone. The app’s database features flowers, shrubs, trees, tropical plants, groundcover/grass hardscapes and water features. It works with Android and Apple devices.

Garden Squared

The simple Garden Squared app should help you plan and track your plants while still inside your house or office. The smartphone application helps gardeners plan their gardens with a size ranging between 1×1 and 4×8 meters. It also comes with a journal to help record notes. The application, suitable for experienced gardeners, is easier to use than most apps in the market, primarily because it does not offer databases. It is also suitable for individuals in need of easier to use planning methods. Download it today from the Google Play Store and start tracking your plants.


With PlantNet, the process of identifying plants will be easier.  The plant identification process involves taking pictures and allowing the image recognition software program to do its work at identifying trees, flowers and other plants. The producer has described this app as the image sharing and retrieval app for plants identification.

Every time you identify new plants, the number of plant species and their images in the database increases. That way, it becomes easier for people to identify plants. The app will not help you identify a plant that is not in its database. It is suitable for researchers.

GKH Gardening Companion

Whether you are a newbie in the field of gardening or an experienced gardener, the GKH Gardening Companion will help you remain ahead throughout the year. With this app, you will get everything you require no matter where you are. This iPhone app provides gardening information that is easier to access. The information includes thousands of articles, photos and YouTube videos ranging from troubleshooting to planting. With the app, you will also have a chance of creating a personalized garden magazine based on your preferences and personal tastes. A quick example: you can arrange the articles in a way you like. You will also track the progress of your garden by best apps for gardeners.

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Best Garden gadgets

Technology and nature are not conflicting with each other. Actually, smart home tech similar to that automating your garage or thermostat can easily extend outside the walls of your house and help you grow plants in an easier way. Best Garden gadgets tech involves weather monitors, plant sensors, robot lawn mowers and sprinkler systems. Even though the wide range is fitting for outdoors, knowing exactly where to start can be hard. After understanding all the available options, you will start relying on push notifications to water your plants and using automation to save time. The best garden gadgets will also help you monitor and collect data about your land’s condition. Smart garden tech diversity has benefited most people.

Plant Technology in garden

Many Best Garden gadgets have hit the market most recently. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will easily find a gadget that will match your individual needs. The first type of garden gadget you might need to consider is smart watering controllers. The gadgets help people avoid water wastage and lower their monthly water bills. They achieve that by automating the sprinklers with weather data to help supply the yard with water when it is needed. The technology allows connection of gardens to smartphones, computers or tablets. They are ideal for busy homeowners or seasoned gardeners who want to save water, time and money.

Plant sensors are also among the most important gadgets to consider. If you have many plants and want to save time or you need help with your gardening, they will help you achieve that. After placing such a gadget into your indoor or outdoor soil, it will start measuring the ambient temperature, the light sensitivity, the soil moisture and the soil temperature. It will finally send all the information to your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. It will also notify you when it is time to water your plants.

Robotic automowers are also worthy your consideration. Regardless of the weather condition, the gadget will mow your yards – both day and night – and save your energy and time. To easily control it, you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet.

How they ease our life

Best Garden gadgets will ease your life if you are an average gardener. If you are not certain on what to plant in your yard, some gadgets will help you make a decision in lesser time. They will also tell you the best place to plant some items in your garden so that they can grow successfully.

What’s more, they will help you search for more information on your plants and keep track of them as they grow. And if you rarely complete all tasks, they will help you make a to-do list. You will know the right time to pick vegetables, to water and to add fertilizer. Your life will be easier.

How the best garden gadgets will help you keep your garden greener

Putting plants into the ground is an easier task. Most people get tripped when it comes to the follow-up maintenance. You can rely on the available gardening gadgets to take guesswork out of the equation. They will monitor the soil and inform you when you have to water. You just need to input your plant type in your mobile device and it will inform you when your plants and flowers are thirsty. Most of these devices work for both indoor and outdoor plants.

Best Gardening Tech Gadgets Try it now!


Edyn’s Garden Sensor and Water Valve app is Wi-Fi based. It has a valve set-up that will water all your plants, track humidity, light, soil moisture and nutrition and temperature. The app also provides advice about all the plants that will do better in your garden.
Best Garden gadgets

The product boasts a user-friendly interface and therefore watering plants on demand or on schedule will be easier to manage. On the downside, the product’s sensor might remain on one place. It is therefore not suitable for managing expansive gardens or multiple vegetable rows.

Parrot Pot

If the tasks associated with maintaining greener indoor plants are seemingly hard, you might need to purchase the Parrot Pot. The Wi-Fi enabled pot features a built-in soil sensor and water supply. In addition to irrigating various water species, it will warn you if there are issues with soil nutrition or light.
Best Garden gadgets

The pot can monitor and water a single plant and it is therefore suitable for mini indoor gardens. The application will also dispense fun gardening and botanical facts such as “a farmer grows fountain-grass as cereal crops in a subtropical country”.

Green IQ Smart Garden Hub

The Green IQ Smart Garden Hub is suitable for bigger projects and offers bigger rewards. The product will control and optimize your entire household lighting and irrigation systems and evaluate complex weather conditions. It also forecasts to help you save water. Actually, the product will help you save your water bills in the long term. Even though the product is exceedingly capable, you will need tech know-how to run it.
Best Garden gadgets

The device is effective in controlling watering and therefore beneficial to the environment. In most places, such as Southern California, water is scarce and expensive. Technology is helping homeowners manage the precious resource and reduce their monthly expenses. Possibly, you already know that most homes have sophisticated irrigation systems to help them water plants on pre-programmed schedules. You can water your plants from any place, including when in a walk with friends.

Plantlink Basestation

If you need to manage your real-life garden in a better way, the Plantlink Basestation is a better choice. It will help monitor your plant’s soil humidity and notify you when watering is necessary. One of the features that you will definitely like about this product is that it can manage 64 different sensors. The starter package comes with an additional unit that you can purchase for only $34.
Best Garden gadgets

However, you have to remember that the product will not water your plants on its own. It will only alert you when watering is important. Another product, Plantlink Lush, from the company features integrated water valve. It is therefore suitable for individuals who need to enjoy more benefits.

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