Best gadgets 2017

In this era, technology is progressing by leaps and bounds. It is not easy to keep up with the latest trends and know about all the latest gadgets. Frankly, with this pace of ever-changing technology, no one can keep up with the latest trends. Markets are filled with a lot of products which are useful, handy, trending and consumer friendly.

There is a wide range of gadgets in the market from some of which you’ve been familiar with and some others will make you explore completely new grounds.

Whether you are looking for a high rated tech gadget or just need a hint of the best gadgets, in this article we will provide you all the useful information about the best gadgets you must have in 2017. We have researched a lot and gathered info about all the trending gadgets of 2017.

With the market currently saturated with a lot of gadgets, it is very difficult to choose which product you should buy. These gadgets have made our life more convenient so even Instead of hammering nails in the wall by hammer people use framing nailers for that purpose.

If you want to know about the best framing nailer and want to buy the cheapest and the framing nailer then you must click on the links. So folk here is a list of all the best gadgets that you must have in 2017.


It is one of the best-selling gadgets of 2017. The awesome gadget can track your heart rate, calories burnt, distance, floors climbed, active minutes and steps and it can even track your workouts.

This gadget can also monitor how long and well you have been sleeping. Plus, it can receive calls and texts. The most stunning feature of this gadget is its battery lasts for seven days.


It is the best gadget when more Wi-Fi power is needed. Just plug it anywhere in the socket and enhance the range of your Wi-Fi up to ten thousand square feet. Whether you are indoor or outdoor, this gadget provides the best experience.


It is one of the best pieces of technology created by Amazon. This gadget becomes the center of your smart home. It helps you to do calculations and quick conversations within no time. Bluetooth connectivity options allow it to act as a nice home speaker.

The new Echo can now show you how to do things instead of just telling you because of the new display screen. You can even connect it to your security system and monitor your surveillance cameras. It is a revolutionary gadget of this era.


These are the handiest gadget. It has Bluetooth connectivity so go wireless, feel comfortable, listen to the music and remain in the trend.

They are light weighted and come in many different colours. It is a must-have gadget if you love to listen to music and follow the trend.


Yes it is a vacuum cleaner but not an ordinary one It is wireless and has an artificial intelligence chip in it.

It has sensors around it which help it to move without hitting anything and you can schedule cleaning even when you are away. The fun part is that it automatically recharges itself when it completes its work. you can control it with the app.

So here is the list of all the top best-selling gadgets of 2017 that you must have. I am sure you will love this article. I hope this article will not leave you with any questions but if it does feel free to ask.

We will be really glad to answer all your queries in our upcoming articles. We will try to provide you with the latest and the best information. So stay tuned for more informative articles.

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100

Picking the best headphones is certainly a tough task nowadays. With so much fight among the big brands, it’s quite common for a user to confuse for which one to go for. Luckily V-MODA Crossfade M-100 has the perfect headphones in the house, equipped with all the top notched features and a solid build quality.

We today here are going to give an in-depth review of V-MODA Crossfade M-100, which is an award winner headset by Cnet. Though the headphones boast in all the technical terms including sound and bass quality, what makes them stand out of the crowd is their build quality.

As mentioned by the manufacturer they come with Military Level durability which makes them safe from any wear and tear. With that said, let’s have a look at the review of these solid headphones.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100
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V-MODA Crossfade M-100: Specifications:

  • Advanced sound system and clean deep bass with extra extended highs, finely tuned by the industry specialists and music persons
  • 50mm dual diaphragm drivers for better ear covering and premium noise isolation
  • Unique Cliq fold design which makes it easy to carry across places
  • 3D printed Metal along with Fibre Personalization, giving it an exceptional look
  • Soft cushion padded cups for everlasting supreme comfort
  • Military level durability supported by all steel frame
  • Immersive sound system for minimal sound leakage

In all honesty, it’d be tough to discover headphones anywhere that supply this amount of customizability or durability. There are a couple things that set these audiophile headphones besides the norm. Not just that, but how the headphones handle other regions of the music too. These headphones, in regards to overall sound quality, are really the best sounding headphones and are perfect to use as Studio Headphones or DJ headphones too. In terms of observable flaws, they really don’t have any major objective issues. These over-ear headphones from V-Moda retain the wonderful audio grade of the organization’s other models along with the flexibility.

Sound Quality:

The M-100’s are so clear and exceptionally smooth. The bass-which is another thing in which every headphone have to excel at is much richer in the M-100s. It’s punchier for sure, but not overwhelming or uncomfortable. The mids are very well defined and you can hear the vocals as clear like anything. The highs are crisp and original and not too crisps for the listener. One of the first I noticed about them is the sound isolation. It seemed like it was all around me, not just in my ears like any cheap headphones.

As for the sound leakage, the M-100s are exceptionally better and there is hardly any sound leakage. They do leak a bit but that is not something which would let someone hear your music at quite a distance. Lastly, although the M-100s are only noise isolating and not noise cancelling, they still do the job of preventing the surrounding sounds to enter. Here is a guide from Forbes that explains the difference between noise isolation and noise cancellation vey well

Build Quality

This is something I can write a book on. Build quality of the M-100 is par perfection. The headphones are made up of indestructible steel flex, which makes it durable still keeping the overall weight be to very light.

Tested in High and low temperatures, humidity, salt spray and UV exposure provide a certification that the headphones are designed to last in any surrounding atmosphere

The M-100s are built to last. The first thing we noticed was that many different materials were used for the overall building of the headphones (the headband is a leather type substance and aluminium is used for the high-stress areas so that it doesn’t push into the ears). The M-100s give that confidence to your hands that you can handle them without the fear of breaking them. There is really no comparison in the built quality, even going into the peripherals.

Comfort Quality:

The V-MODA Crossfade M-100’s are very comfortable to use, doesn’t matter if you are using them for a longer period of time. Like other headphones, they do not heat up around the drivers and hardly push any pressure into the head.

The headphones fit very well and the cushion padding done on the headband and ear cups are extremely soft and comfortable


For someone looking for a perfect set should not think twice before buying it. Yes, they are pricey for a normal user but we believe you get what you pay for.

The headphones are designed to last for a longer term and you can expect a life span of 5 years easily on them, plus the top notch customer service which comes along with them is always there to address your tiny o major issues

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