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Before the end of this amazing year of innovation, it is important to get a review of what have we get in the form of tech gadgets this year. In the year 2017, the society set their own pace and the companies with the help of their research and development department really well at this pace. Companies that are coming with their gadgets are making profound impacts on our lives.

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In the next lines of this article, I am going to list down some of the best tech gadgets that we all enjoyed throughout this year.


The announcement of wireless earbuds from the Apple blew away many tech geeks. Many people were excited about it, and many criticize this move from Apple. However, the AirPods made its buzz around the globe.

Though these AirPods declare to be the success by Apple but the cost of it and an ideal place to get lost everywhere, the Apple AirPods is under severe criticism. Albeit, the AirPods are one of those fancy gadgets that we all have wished at least one to own. The portability and ease of use are top-notch as compared to other Bluetooth supported earbuds. It also comes with the adorable floss sized carrying case which is also the charger of these earbuds, the AirPods is an ideal gadget to buy this 2017.

Moov Now

The world’s gadgets are not only getting smart, but the people are too. Doctors and medical professionals are concerned over the obesity issue and the decreasing health of the world. Thanks to the technology and the companies who are trying their level best to improve our health. The Moov Now is one of those efforts that have transformed our methods of being healthy.

The Moov Now is a no-screen wonder which is a complete package that can keep you healthy. The best thing about this gadget is that it has a six-month battery life. Yes you heard it right, the Moov Now has half a year battery life, and it is cheap also. Through this, you can track your steps, your sleep, your fitness, your running technique and a whole lot more than this by just this no-screen gadget. It is completely a wonder gadget of this year.

Amazon Echo

Due to the vibes, it has created, the Amazon Echo has a numerous look alike or counterfeit product in the market. Which not only wasting the money of the buyer but also getting the real Amazon Echo negative marketing. The truth is, Amazon Echo is not one of the best but the best smart-home device ever produced by any company. Many people think that the Google’s Home has competition with it. However, the numbers are against of this claim. The Amazon echo which is a complete smart home solution is way ahead in discovering all the possibilities to make your home smarter.

The Amazon Echo is the simplest, beautiful, easy to use and an extremely useful gadget to have in your home. The best thing about Amazon Echo is that it has no complex method of installation. You just have to plug it on to the wall, connect it to Wi-Fi network via the Alexa app and you are now ready to use your Amazon Echo. Black Friday could be an ideal day to buy this amazing gadget and converting your home into a smart home.

SmartWatch of the year

The craze of all smartphone hasn’t settled down, and we have now some of the most technologically advanced watches. The Smart Watches are connecting us with the world better. Now we don’t have to carry smartphones which is inconvenient no matter how slim your smartphone is. However, due to new in the market and less penetration in the masses, this industry is still in its transforming phases. However, this year we got one smartwatch which is worthy enough to discuss here.

The Apple watch 3 is a revelation in the smartwatch industry. With this, the Apple has made its spot stable in the market. With the iOS compatibility and 1.53 inch of OLED and dual-core processor, the Apple Watch 3 is undoubtedly a power pack on your wrist. The major difference that made this watch the best of this year from the previous version of Apple Watch is the connectivity with LTE. With the LTE connectivity, the Apple Watch 3 is now not just small and easy to carry but also gives you the fastest internet connectivity ever.

There is a long list of its features. The Apple hasn’t launched any waterproof smartphone, but this Apple Watch 3 is waterproof and has the GPS capabilities too. So when you think that you are lost and want to find the way, this modern compass will tell you your exact position with the fastest internet connectivity.

Nintendo Switch

One of the first gaming console Nintendo is trying to make a comeback in world video gaming scenario with its new product. The Nintendo Switch which is recently released its one tech gadget that is getting much fame this year. It is a $300 worth of gaming console which is simple but effective at a time. You can play games on the TV, but you can take it with you too. The best thing about this console is that it is portable and easy to carry. You can take it everywhere you want. This means that even if you are going for camping and has any source of power, you can play your favourite games under the Milky Way too.

With its flagship game Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Nintendo Switch is not only attracting the old Nintendo players, but it is also making vibes among those who were never fond of video games. This Nintendo Switch is like the remake version of legendary Nintendo console that made us all crazy, and now we have it back with all modern technology touches.

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Amazfit Smartwatch

Are you in need of a device that has excelled in GPS data collection particularly when on indoor workouts or running?  Xiaomi’s first smartwatch Amazfit might be that device. With the product, you can record indoor run, bike, run, walk, indoor bike, trail run and any other workout easily. To record or pause your workouts, wake the device using the button on the right corner, use the touch inputs and go back on its menus. You can also use the Amazfit Smartwatch to receive and make calls.

About the producer

Xiaomi is widely known for producing affordable smartphones with many solid specs. Now, their brand goes beyond phones. They have produced a wide range of mobile accessories, fitness trackers, tablets and many other devices. To prove to their customers that they have no intention of stopping soon, they recently introduced smartwatches in their ever growing sea of products.

They released the Xiaomi’s first smartwatch Amazfit within a few months after releasing their first kids’ smartwatch. The watch is from Huami, a sub-brand of Xiaomi. On its software side, the device runs a customised operation system (OS) but uses Mi Fit app to interact with Android devices. It boasts all the fitness tracking perks and the basics you would expect from smartwatches, such as notification support. The manufacturer has also included built-in GPS, which they accomplish with what they believe is the first 28nm GPS sensor worldwide.

All the other specs are somewhat standard for smartwatch devices and include a 1.34-inch display, 300×300 resolution, 512 MB RAM, 4GB storage, IP57 dust/water resistance, heart rate sensor, 200 mAh battery. The battery gets 5 days of life, and 30 hours if the GPS is continuously on.

Amazfit Smartwatch: Design and Build Quality

Amazfit Smartwatch

Xiaomi Amazfit is among the few devices in the market that feature unique designs. Even though the manufacturer included a round touchscreen, it boasts round edges, which is not the case with most smartwatches. Xiaomi uses zirconia cement to make the bezels and therefore, they are scratch resistant.

The device also boasts a 1.34-inch display with 300×300 pixels resolution. In addition to being sharp, the display produces vivid colors that make it visible in all lighting conditions. On the top right edge of its case, the Amazfit Smartwatch has a tiny physical button – you have to press it to wake the device.

That is a feature that most users have disliked. Its button is somewhat inconspicuous and one-time press might not make it work. And the first thing you might notice at the device’s rear end is the optical heart rate sensor.

The product boasts 1.2GHz dual-core processor in addition to 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. And now, you are possibly worried about its charging port. That should not happen. The product does not feature a charging port. The manufacturer decided to go an extra mile and introduced the magnetic charging system. As a result, they had more space for adding more important features.

The product features a dual-colored wristband (black and orange), which is sweat resistant and durable. However, if you hate such designs, you can slap another one. To do that, you just need to purchase 22mm wristbands, remove the built-in ones and replace them with the new ones.

Memory & Processor

The manufacturer has embedded the watch with things that you will definitely like. Its dual core 1.2GHZ processor enhances its performance. In addition, the 512 MB RAM, 4GB ROM and 200mAh battery makes the Amazfit Smartwatch irresistible. And with its magnetic charging system, you will not wade through wired cables when charging.


The product’s screen size is 1.3” with 300×300 pixels high-end resolution. When making phone calls, you do not have to use your phone. You can use the watch’s touchscreen display. The watch displays the contents on its screen during lighting conditions. The watch has a single physical button. You will have to unlock its screen to use it.

The HD screen provides higher quality and deeper color images. The Corning Gorilla protective glass takes care of the product’s durability. You do not have to worry about your daily movements. Proceed with you daily duties and do active sports.

Heart rate monitor

The manufacturer has installed a PPG sensor at the back of this device to help you monitor your heart rate. The sensor is effective and will work just like those in the expensive devices. What’s more, Xiaomi worked hard to develop a greater algorithm that offers accurate recordings. Actually, the heart rate monitoring system is among the things you will appreciate.

Xiaomi Amazfit: Motion Tracking

The Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch has many important features.  With GLONASS and GPS features, the product can track elevation, distance, and cadence and pace accurately and provide other important data. In other words, it will help you maintain a better body fitness program.


If you are among the many music enthusiasts, the device should be your first consideration. With the 4GB (2.4GB usable) capacity, you can store a large number of your favorite songs. However, the manufacturer did not incorporate a 3.5mm headphone jack when designing the device. You will need Bluetooth headphones to listen to music.


The device supports alipay and can have notifications including Whatsapp, phone call, messages, weather, texts, reminders, and  incoming messages. You can enable or disable notifications on the Amazfit watch. How?

To do that, you just need to select the Notificatoin Settings on the Amazfit Watch App. Tap your devices toggle switch to disable or enable push notifications on the watch. Select the App backlist setting to disable or enable a specific notification. Pre-populated lists of existing applications on your Android device will never appear in the Amazfit Watch app. In the list, you will only find apps that generate notifications. The list populate with time as more notifications arrive.


Amazfit simple login feature allows you to use the smartwatch just like your smartphone. You can easily change the widgets adjust the interface and adjust its screen panel. What’s more, you can manage push notifications. On the downside, the device does not allow downloads from the app store. The pre-installed MI fit allows coordination with all Android based phones and tablets.

The set up process of this device is simple. To complete the setup, you just need to download the Android app, Amazfit Pace, from the app store, create an account, sign in and start using it. Always remember that the user interface (UI) is user friendly. You can change the interface whenever need arises, adjust the device’s widget order or enable push notification. The manufacturer has already pre-installed the Mi Fit app. You will need it to connect the product to your smartphone.


The Amazfit Smartwatch features with a 200mAh battery that promises cruise duration of 5 days. It can last for 35 hours when the device is on GPS running mode. It will take you 3 hours to charge it to full capacity.

Colors available

The watch might not satisfy everyone’s tastes when it comes to design. The product is mainly available in red color. However, if you are more into black and orange, you will be okay. Considering most devices in the same price category, the product has a decent feel and look. It features a dual colored wristband (black and orange) that you can easily replace. The circular metallic rim on its face adds a premium feel.

You can purchase some additional wristbands if you need to change the hem to match the color of your attire. Even though its bands are detachable and changeable, you should avoid changing them because they have special features like no irritation and sweat prevention. You can therefore carry your watch for longer periods.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pros and Cons

  • The product is incredibly affordable: you just need $119.89 to buy it
  • Comes with a heart rate monitoring system
  • Careful design. It does not look cheap when unpacking. The strap is resistant and water and dust resistant.
  • The color display with great tactile behavior and remains in active mode.
  • You will benefit from the vibration alerts
  • Synchronize your activities with STRAVA
  • Longer battery life
  • Effective motion tracking system
  • It comes with one year warranty
  • It connects to a single Android device at a time
  • It does not allow installation of apps
  • Amazfit Smartwatch has no specific training functions such as laps-manuals and intervals
  • It is incompatible with cycling sensors
  • It does not support iOS devices
  • The device is not submersible. However, you can take it swimming and in the shower. It will also resist all accidental falls.

Whats the next

The Xiaomi’s first smartwatch Amazfit will tell you the time and provide you with statistics on its face, which turns off if left inactive for some time. To wake the device, you will have to press the physical button at the right corner. The product also features Bluetooth 4.0 to help you listen to music. You will also like the device’s water (sweat) and dust resistance – avoid taking it in the shower or swimming for longer periods. The battery will keep you powered for 5 days.

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