How Technology Is Changing The World

From intuitive robots and self-driving cars to gene editing and holographic 3D printing mesmerizing technological change is occurring all around us at a lightning fast speed. The technological revolution has introduced a wide range of staggering new technologies in every field. These advanced technologies are erasing all the limitations and boundaries between the people.

Technology is producing a transformation in every aspect of life. In short, the latest technology is changing our world by converging digital, biological and physical spheres together and inter-mixing them.

Anyone can tell you nowadays that technology is changing at a whiplash rate and it is fascinating how the world will be in the future. Technology is transforming our lives, the way we work, how we communicate, affecting industries and economies and even challenging our notion of what it needs to be human.

There is not any doubt that the pace of the technological evolution is at its peak. Every new invention makes our life easier than the former one. We are living in an era where so-called “Assistive technology” can enhance our independence and enjoy this freedom of living far beyond the imagination of the generations before us.

The latest technologies are giving advancements in the field of agriculture, construction, aviation, displays, architecture, material sciences, energy, electronics, IT communication, entertainment and many other fields. New emerging technologies are making our life a lot easier as they are helpful. These technologies provide us facility to do our work efficiently.

Many of us will admit that these technologies have become a part of our lives and we simply cannot live without them. In this article, we will provide you all the latest information about how technology is changing the world.

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We will also acknowledge you about how the latest technology is providing advancements in different fields.

These advancements of technology in every field have enabled us to make products and consumer-friendly technologies. Here are the top latest technologies and their role in their respective fields and how they are changing the world.

In Robotics

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN ROBOTICS: Artificial intelligence means the theory and development in the computer systems which are able to perform any task given to them by requiring human intelligence. These robots have certain abilities to interact with different situations, they have the power of decision-making, visual perception and speech recognition. These latest technologies have enabled us to develop remarkable machines which help us make our work easier.

MICRO AIR VEHICLE: This technology is in its initial stages. Most of them are just prototypes.

It is also called micro aerial vehicle. It has a size limitation as most of these robots are less than 5 inches in size. These vehicles are designed to reach the places which are unreachable by humans. In future, it will be used in covert military operations and other purposes.

ROBOTIC EXO-SKELETONS: Exoskeletons are the latest advancement in the field of medicine. You have seen them in movies, taken advantage from them in the games but now they are for real.

MUSICIAN EARPLUGS: There earplugs are the latest advancement in technology.

Musicians perform in different settings and are exposed to high levels of sounds which can damage their hearing but using this high- fidelity hearing protection, a musician could stay in that noisy environment as long as he wants without having hearing loss. Musician earplugs are a custom product and are made for each user differently.

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In The Field Of Medicine

DNA MAPPING: DNA mapping is the latest advancement in the field of technology because it will enable us to create DNA maps at birth to reduce disease risks.

This technology is a combination of single cell analysis, big data technology, and nanotechnology. It could replace blood tests providing a more accurate way of detecting diseases.

MANUFACTURING OF SAFER DRUGS:  The toxic chemicals that were used to treat cancer and other deadly diseases leave harmful effects on the patient’s health.

Thanks to the advancements in technologies the latest drugs are exact and much safer with lesser side effects. More advancement in the field of medicine will surely lead us better treatments of cancer and other deadly diseases.

BIODEGRADABLE PACKING: The packings will be made up of cellulose material which comes from plants but looks like plastic. As it will be made from plants it will be biodegradable. Which is better for the environment as compared to the plastic bags that we use for carrying groceries.

In The Field Of Energy Production

SOLAR CELLS: Making renewable energy by the sunlight is the latest advancement in the field of energy production technologies. Solar cells have been developed of small sizes which gather a lot of energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. In the coming years, solar cells will be the biggest source of energy.

ENERGY FILAMENTS: Scientists have developed filaments that produce energy from the sunlight and can be woven in clothes like threads. Basically, it will turn the clothes into charged batteries that can be used to charge phones and other things on the way.

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It can also help military personals to reduce the weight of carrying the battery packs from place to place. The researchers have developed copper ribbons which are thin, flexible and lightweight. Have a solar cell on one end and a storage device on the other end.

These are the factors by which technology is changing the world and making it a better place to live in.

I hope this article will provide you all the necessary information you need related to the topic. If you have any queries we would be glad to answer them in our upcoming articles. So stay tuned for more awesome and informative articles.

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