Android and iPhone Tracking Application TheOneSpy Review

TheOneSpy is high-tech mobile phone tracking software intended for employers and parents to spy on the mobile phones of employees and children. The app allows entrepreneurs to monitor employees’ activities within and beyond the workplace, protect company assets and confidential data and detect and eliminate workplace distractions. The parents can monitor the online and offline happenings of their kids to protect them from predators, explicit content and online crimes. However, the spy app requires employers and parents to get written consent from their workers and adult family members for tracking their phones.

What are Core Features of TheOneSpy?

The surveillance app flaunts hundreds of features to monitor and control Android and iPhones but we have rounded up here only the main features.

Spy on Messages

The surveillance app allows parents to monitor whatever their children communicate through messages. The text, stickers, emoticons, photos, videos and audios exchanged via text and instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Line, Hangouts, Kik, Viber and IMO can be tracked with the spy app.

Call Recording

The call recording feature facilitates contact center and customer services business to improve the quality of customer experience. The calls received on and made from the target phone devices can be recorded and downloaded in various formats. All the recorded calls get stored on the online control panel and not on the target phone.

Call and Message Logs

The cell phone spy app provides the end-user with call and message logs of the target indicating the time and date of each call and message, call duration and the contact information of the communicating parties.

Track GPS Location

OneSpy Review

The GPS location tracking enables parents and employers to know the whereabouts of their kids and mobile employees. The user can detect the current and previous GPS locations of the target and can mark unsafe areas to restrict target from entering there. TheOneSpy app notifies the end-user in case the target crosses the boundaries.

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Monitor Social Media

Teens spend around nine hours a day using social media apps where they may expose to cyber bullies, predators and explicit content. The tracking app allows parents to monitor the activities performed by their children on social networking platforms. It lets you spy on the popular social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Tumblr and many others. The messages exchanged through these apps can be read, the posts can be viewed, and the friends and followers list can be tracked.

Web Browsing History

The surveillance app enables employers and parents to monitor the web surfing activities of their workers and children. The user can sneak into the internet browsing history of the target and can detect the time, date and frequency of visiting each website on the mobile phone browser.

Email Tracking

The entrepreneurs can track emails received and sent by their employees to ensure they are not disseminating the confidential company information or responding to phishing emails putting the company data and network at risk. The spy app allows reading the emails received and sent through Gmail along with the email addresses of the sender and recipient.

Keystroke Logging

TheOneSpy app provides the user with keystrokes of email addresses, usernames and passwords once entered on the target phone. These keystrokes can be used to log into the email accounts and other online accounts of the target to get clues of any suspected wrongdoing.

Record Surroundings

The surveillance app lets the user detect what is happening around the target. It allows remotely operating the camera and microphone of the targeted phone to view and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds. The user can remotely capture photos and record short videos to identify the whereabouts, company and activities of the target. The microphone bug allows listening to the conversations of the target and surrounding sounds.

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Unlock Photo Gallery

The photos and videos, whether captured from the target phone camera, downloaded from the internet or received from other sources, get automatically uploaded on the online control panel of the spy app. The user can view and download these media files directly from the control panel anytime. If a photo or entire album gets deleted from the target phone, it remains visible on the control panel.

View and Manage Phonebook

The contacts saved in the Phonebook of the target phone can remotely be viewed and managed by adding necessary and deleting unwanted contacts. The contact list stored on the target phone gets uploaded on the online control panel of spy app and gets updated with each addition and deletion. If a contact is saved with a false name, you can identify the real identity of the contact looking at the contact’s personal information.

App and Phone Controller

The spy app for android allows the user to lock and unlock target phone; block texting, incoming calls and internet connection; start, pause, block, unblock and uninstall the apps installed on the phone.

What are Pluses?

  • It offers automatic call recording and call interception.
  • It allows spying on popular social media and IM apps.
  • It is cross-platform app compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • It works fine on all mobile phone networks.

What are Minuses?

  • Some of its features work only on rooted/jailbroken phone.
  • It does not offer web filtering on mobile browsers.
  • It does not allow setting screen time limits for children.
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Compatible Devices and OS

  • The Android monitoring app is compatible with mobile phones running Android OS version 3 to 7.1.
  • The iPhone monitoring app supports iPhones and iPads running iOS 4,5,6,7 and 8.
  • It is not compatible with Chinese manufactured phones.


The price of spying software varies with mobile phone operating system, package plans and subscription period. The one-month subscription of Android Premier Package costs around $50 and the one-year subscription of that package plan is priced at approximately $250.

The Bottom Line

Though there are scores of spying software readily available to track Android and iOS mobile devices, TheOneSpy is a reliable, feature-rich and secure application that worth your money. It works with complete secrecy without generating any sound or notification on the target device or leaving any clue of spying.

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