Top 10 Automation Testing Tools For Mobile Apps

Software testing is an integral part of all SDLCs (Software Development Life Cycle). The process ensures that the software or app gets developed as per client’s requirements. It also ensures the quality of the end product.

Most software, web, and app development companies usually have their testing or quality assurance team working to ensure the quality, security, and other important factors of a project.

As you might know, there are two types of testing – manual and automation. Whether it is an app, website, or any other IT system, testers have to perform both of these techniques to find out potential bugs, security issues, and other major loopholes in the product.

When you have to test your software or app in specific conditions, then manual testing isn’t always the best option. Suppose, you need to check whether the app can handle thousands of concurrent users or not. In that case, automating testing tools come to the rescue and help mobile app marketers to test the app in different environments efficiently.

 Let’s explore top mobile app automation testing tools:

1. Kobiton

Kobiton is a mobile cloud platform which facilitates manual and automated testing of iOS and Android apps on physical devices. It also lets you add your own devices and manage them remotely. Also, you can run the test cases remotely and then diagnose the test reports to identify bugs and flaws in the app. The test reports store all the necessary information like app screenshots, commands, etc. Use this stored app testing data to diagnose the bugs.

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Price: Free demo + Indie ($10 -100 prepaid minutes) + Business ($50/month – 500 minutes)


  • Test on real devices.
  • Fast performance.
  • Rich test logs.
  • Secure platform.
  • Optimized efficiency.
  • Agile Test enabler.

2. Appium

Appium is an open source mobile application automation testing tool. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, and FirefoxOS platforms. Best of all, you can use any of your favorite testing frameworks and WebDriver languages like Node.js, Java, Objective-C, etc. to write automated tests.

Pricing – Free


  • Open source.
  • No need to recompile app.
  • Supports cross-platform application testing.

3. Robotium

Robotium is a free and open source automation testing tool for Android and & iOS devices. With the help of Robotium, you can easily write black box automated tests, user and system acceptance test cases spanning multiple Android activities.

Price: Free


  • Supports both native and hybrid apps.
  • Frameworks can automatically handle multiple Android activities.
  • Fast execution of test cases.
  • Supports integration with Gradle, Maven, and Ant.

4. RanorexStudio

RanorexStudio is another good tool for automating mobile app testing. Not just mobile apps, you can also use it to test websites and desktop applications. Using this tool, you can automate testing on hybrid and native apps on Android and iOS. You can also integrate Jira with Ranorex Studio.

Price: € 2,290


  • Cross-browser testing.
  • Cross-device testing.
  • Simple integration with CI servers, issue tracking tools, etc.
  • Ranorex Recorder, Code Editor, Automation helpers, and other useful tools.

5. Selendroid

Selendroid is another popular automation testing tool for Android apps. It lets you write test cases using Selenium 2 client API. You can use Selendroid on both real devices and emulators. Also, it makes the diagnosing bugs a lot easier with Selendroid Inspector – a simple web app embedded in the Selenium server to test the state of your app’s UI.

Price: Free.

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  • Compatible with JSON Wire Protocol.
  • Automate testing for native and hybrid apps in the same manner.
  • Supports gestures.
  • Robust test cases development using in-built inspector.
  • It can interact with multiple devices and emulators at the same time.

6. Robot framework

Robot framework is another automation framework for acceptance testing of mobile apps and automation test-driven development. It uses keyword-driven mobile app testing methodology. Robot Framework is application and OS independent and can also be extended by bundled and custom libraries.

Price: Free.

7. Calabash

Calabash is an open source automated acceptance testing tool by Xamarin. It supports native Android and iOS apps for testing. Calabash allows you to write automated test cases using its libraries which supports a Ruby-based framework. After that, you can run the automated test cases on more than 1000 cloud devices using Xamarin Test Cloud service. Best of all, it also supports Cucumber by which you can define how your app works in a natural language.

Price: Free.

8. Katalon

Katalon is an advanced automated testing tool for mobile apps, web applications, and software. It is built on top of popular testing frameworks Appium and Selenium leveraging their solutions for integrated testing automation.

Price: Free.


  • Built-in project templates.
  • Easily integrate with JIRA, GIT, and qTest.
  • Automatically test generation.
  • Built-in object spy, code refactoring, reference, and completion.

9. Keep It Functional

Keep It Functional is a functional testing tool for iOS apps. This automation testing tool allow you to write test cases in Objective-C. Thus, it maximizes the integration with your code and minimizes the number of layers you have to build.

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Price: Free.

Additional features:

  • Easy configuration.
  • Wide Xcode and OS support.
  • Automation is done using tap events which helps in testing an app like a user.
  • Automatic integration with Xcode.

10. TestComplete

TestComplete is a commercial mobile apps automation testing tool by SmartBear. It supports various scripting languages including C++, VBScript, Python, JavaScript, etc. It also supports data-driven and keyword-driven testing. With its record and play functionality, you can write complex and scalable test cases easily.



  • Multiple scripting languages support.
  • Integration with custom plugins.
  • Even people with no coding knowledge can use it.


So, these were some top automation testing tools for mobile apps. We hope that you will find the one matching your requirements. However, we will recommend, Appium, Kobiton, and Robotium. Tell us, which one did you pick and why in the comments section.

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