15 Reasons Why Nintendo Switch Will Fail

Backwards Compatibility Is Non-Existent (So Far)

Both Nintendo Wii U and Wii is compatible with its previous console. Like you can easily play the titles of Wii on Wii U. also it is a chance to play GameCube title in Wii with Nintendo. But there is a problem with Nintendo Switch this thing is not to exist in this. Nintendo Switch has not introduced this feature during its launch and they also said that there is no future plan to introduce backward compatibility. This small missing feature will lead due to the huge mistakes and lacking area of Nintendo Switch to fail.

Storage Capacity Is Embarrassing

Nintendo switch has built-in internal storage that is too small for an active use after the use of some titles. Nintendo Switch does not need physical installation in the memory due to its portal nature it leads a digital download. The storage of Wii U in the basic set is only 8GB and in luxury set, it was 32 GB same as Switch. Nintendo Switch has a 64GB by default.

A person who purchases Nintendo Switch need some extra storage after a month and for that microSD card is compatible.

Joy-Con Issues

Nintendo Switch is come up with the Joy-Con controller due unluckily it does not prove it to best for it because it does not charge the controller. Another issue is that syncing with the main console disposed a chance to disconnect without any accidental and violation of the game rule. Due to this gamers are unable to complete their game. Also, there is a lack of signal between right and left the device.

Wireless Audio Hasn’t Been Thought Through

Gamers will play their games with the sound along with the help of high-quality earphones through a headphone jack.  But this thing you cannot do with your wireless headphones. The Nintendo Switch do not support wireless headphone and even no voice chat.

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Expensive Accessories

Another issue is that the further accessories of Nintendo Switch are very expensive. The charging Joy-Con controller pair price is $80, you also need accessories for maintaining this like cases, adapters and more important screen protectors. All accessories are more expensive than the actual cost of it.

It Doesn’t Do Anything without Games

There is no distinction between Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation, and Xbox One. Do cannot do anything until the games are loaded. In the Nintendo Switch, you do not have a chance to watch Netflix and browsing on the internet. As well as other media connectivity is not available. It is recommended during purchasing of Nintendo Switch do confirm you must have much launch title.

It’s Unfinished: You Are the Beta Testers

there is a huge counting of Switch drawbacks: poor battery life, no backward compatibility, unreliable controller, low storage capacity, no video-on-demand apps, gamers will not interact with video chat and much more, it is a device that is basically not complete and prepared for launching.

The dock for playing the Nintendo Switch on a big-screen has a horrible design which causes the scratched on console display if the protector is not applied. After that, there is a plastic kickstand for group players and the dead pixels.

High Price

There are rumors created related to price and pack in games are also fake. The real price of Nintendo Switch is £280 in the UK. People pay a high price to get the remarkable piece of this product. But the Nintendo Switch is the addition to a console that unhappily failed.

Released At the Wrong Time

Wii U come up with the nice ideas and new fantastic games but it was launch at the wrong time. Because the Dreamcast has launch intermediate when the PS2/Xbox/GameCube and PlayStation are released. It has the stronger feature than the console. So that Wii U become a target in this circumstances. It just released after one year of PS4 and Xbox.

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The Wii’s Reputation

Nintendo Wii U needs to struggle to convince users to buy a Wii U because the reputation of the last console was not placed position in the heart of people. As Wii is very popular in the gaming market. It gives the feeling of disloyalty in Nintendo users. When users buy the next console many users think twice about Wii U when the Wii is burned.

This makes the position of Nintendo very odd in the eyes of gamers. Nintendo implements service in gaming markets with the Wii U but finished not being able to satisfy them.

Underpowered Hardware

Nintendo has usually filed their own drum when we talk about its technical power of hardware, it is shown here that the strategy of Wii is not always suited Wii U. the drawback with the Wii U from a hardware point of view is that it has a cohort after where it should have been. The console was slightly more influential than the PS3 and Xbox 360. The graphical display output is also compromised over Microsoft and Sony machine.

Terrible Third Party Support

Wii U is a treasure box of amazing games that are designed for Nintendo, Nintendo Wii U’s has failed to support for third-party developers. This would be worst situation for a console market. It is a great embarrassment for Nintendo.

The Tablet Controller

Nintendo made a mistake in Wii U’s rather than to continue motion controls, Nintendo tried to the used tabular controller in mobile and gaming marketing. , the Wii U Gamepad ended up hindering the console’s request from the start by being technically lesser to leading tablets of that time, this issue is becoming worst at the time when the Wii U’s original release.

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Another issue is that the producer will not know how to do with this gamepad and just launch with some famous titles. Even the designer of Nintendo game admits that lack of the Wii U gamepad.

Lack of Games

Nintendo has to design great games. No one is answering the company to create the marvelous level of entries in games like Metroid, Mario, Splatoon, Mario cart, Pokémon, and animal crossing. The Switch will be central to some of the amazing games that are ever made. It is due to the Nintendo. But truly speaking that these games are not enough for everyone.

The players of Nintendo are very well aware of these Nintendo games titles like Capcom, EA, and Ubisoft, Activision. But actually, players want FIFA, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Resident Evil and another famous title due to these titles millions of copies are a sell of PS4 and Xbox One.

Relatively Weak System Spec

You can say that Nintendo Switch has improved their feature as compare to Wii U but the overall is not you cannot find huge change and cannot beat the market trend of PlayStation 4. It does not provide wireless syncing so for that you required an HDMI for the connection with the switch. It does not have any Bluetooth feature.

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