Xiaomi Mi6 Review – A 4G Smartphone You can Buy Finally

The world of mobile telecommunication has changed a lot in recent decades. The time change the using of phone rather then call or SMS. Fortunately, some brands bet on innovating way claim to create a device that serves as many people as possible. The Xiaomi Mi6 has all the ballots of success, within just two months in the market. This important climbing path starred by Xiaomi Mi5. In February 2016 the Mi5 has had a myriad of updates that have improved all the errors of its launch and have returned it to the high end. Today we bring you the analysis of Xiaomi Mi6.

Ready to know the strengths and weaknesses of the Xiaomi Mi6 as we analyzed in depth test in during month. We are going to bring a full analysis in which we have left nothing to see of this incredible smartphone. In the review we focus on the camera, power, design ….Without further ado, let us begin with all your technical specifications.

Technical specifications

  • 5.15-inch IPS display and FullHD definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) in 2.5D
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 to 2.45 GHz eight-core processor
  • 6 GB of DDR4X RAM
  • 64 GB of internal storage with no possibility to expand
  • Dual rear camera with both 12-megapixel sensors and 8-megapixel front
  • 3350 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0
  • Fingerprint reader
  • USB Type-C
  • MIUI 8 based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat

Xiaomi remains focused on its native market, in China, where it is strong. So, with the sales figures that are not specify longer growing at the expected pace. It is easily understandable that personalization of Android 7.1 includes services, applications and ads that only have to do with China. Having a Mi6 requires an act of faith and a lot of patience. Even for advanced users. Something to keep in mind if you want zero complications then it is difficult. Also, desperate task of installing and running Google Play and several of the third party services. It will depend on which store you buy the device, it will arrive with global ROM or not.

As very positive points, Xiaomi updates and improve Dual Spaces and Dual Apps services. as well as the control, possibilities and customization it supports. The second one is very comfortable to manage several service accounts like Facebook or Whatsapp in the same device. The first portion allow us to being able to access contacts, images and other apps and services by entering a different password when unlocking the terminal.

However, MIUI 8 is definitely not a layer with which any user is going to feel comfortable. Be aware of the output of a ROM, as you may face some encountered problem. We hope, over time, it might be more effective.

A sober and at the same time impressive design

Xiaomi dark blue color model already get popular as we seen in market. . It is true that it is much more striking and novel. Although I also bet that, in the long run, a person could tire of it in future. Starting with the main component of a smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi6 does not leave anyone impassive looking at its screen. The model I have analyzed is black, manufactured like the rest of options of color in glass and metal. Although Xiaomi has chosen to the 5.15 inches screen with a resolution contained 1,920 × 1,080 px, we were left with 428 dpi, which is more than enough.

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The feeling in the hand is very good the light hardly reflects, imitating in part the sensation that gave the Xiaomi Mi MIX. The assembly is excellent and there are no slacks or sounds even if we shake the terminal. It is small, comfortable in any pocket and is tremendously easy to use with one hand without fear of falling. This helps the rear curvature of the glass but also the front of the screen.

With regard to daily use, we have been quite noticed how to behave in bright environments like sunny day. Even with the sun reflecting directly, we could see the screen with all the details. The 600 nits of brightness are quite noticeable in the sunlight and that we talk about Seville in June, with a sun that makes it exceed 40 degrees in the shade. Something that in high-end and above all, super AMOLED, is quite difficult. Even so, we see that the screen of the Xiaomi Mi6, although it is solvent, does not offer the quality then smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Google Pixel itself.

On screen, size matters

A positive surprise at the top appears the infrared sensor. We have found one of the speakers and USB Type C connector in the bottom. On other side, there is three physical buttons, volume and power. Also with dual SIM tray.

The front displays bends very slightly, and the fingerprint sensor, which integrates perfectly when being also made by 2.5D glass. MI just greatly improving the ergonomics when you notice quadruple curvature of the glass on all sides. Something that cannot be possible to see with the bare eye.

In conclusion, we find a very familiar design, which has been improved to feel better in the hand and be much more premium. One negative point that we have found in this design is that, in addition to being attract traces, the Xiaomi Mi6 attracts the dust that gives unpleasant feel.

A camera that changes your focus

So far we have talked about a mobile that is very good in practically everything we have seen, but there is nothing that stands out greatly. Until now. From the beginning, Xiaomi Mi6 has behaved perfectly, making photos not at all daunting.

Xiaomi copying the same idea When Apple introduced double camera in the iPhone 7 Plus. In this way, this year, Xiaomi has made a great leap in quality in this high range and has included a double camera with two high quality sensors Sony IMX386 12 megapixels designed for conventional and portrait photography.

The main one consists of Sony IMX386 sensor with aperture f1.8, pixels of 1.25μm and equivalent focal length of 27mm. In this camera there are also 4 Axis OIS. As for the second camera, its focal length is 56 mm, with f2.6 and smaller pixels: 1.00 μm. This makes it perfect for portraits although for that we will need a suitable light.

But not all photographs are of this type, for which we have another sensor of 12 Mpx and f / 1.8 equivalent to 56 mm. This is the one that we will use in most occasions and that will give us some spectacular results.

Photography with Xiaomi Mi6

On the one hand, with regard to daytime photos, both brightly and with little, the Xiaomi Mi6 does wonders. The saturation is perfect and the sharpness it gets is impressive. Definitely, the photos that makes the Xiaomi Mi6 by day are to take them very much into account.

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As for the front camera, the selfies have pretty good quality and the flash it creates with blanking the screen just when taking the photo, help us a lot in dark environments, although group selfies would not be so useful.

Instead, as the night approaches, we begin to see that the Xiaomi Mi6 does not respond well to dark environments. In this way, both pulling HDR and night mode, in addition to not having good sharpness, shows us much noise in the dark.

Definitely, the Xiaomi Mi6 is a smartphone to take into account in the field of photography, because, although in dark environments does not work well, most photos, we perform during the day.

The great strength of the Xiaomi Mi6 beyond design, and where I think it has also reached a maturity and sweet level I would say it is the camera. After several models in which it was not known what Xiaomi wanted with his camera, this Mi6 goes safely and replicates the double camera of the iPhone 7 Plus that includes the optical increases 2X zoom.

And how is that technical datasheet translated into reality? Very well. I have no doubt that it is the Xiaomi phone that best camera offers and we can already say that it would enter the current top5 in quite a few situations. The Xiaomi Mi6 maintains the good photographic level with favorable light conditions that we had verified in previous generations.

Maximum power & More battery

Xiaomi Mi6 has a greater capacity in total, 3345 mAh than in the previous high range of the same family. That figure excites me the most powerful processor that has created the largest mobile chip maker, Qualcomm. The Snapdragon 835 is a real beast and any application runs extremely smoothly. I think I still had a Nokia with Symbian. The standard data of PCWork shows us an interesting figure: about 9 hours. Very strong point is its battery. The 3350 mAh you have, allow us to enjoy, however much we do, 1 day and a half, and if we use little, up to 2 days and a half. With respect to the hours of screen, our average has been between the 6 and 7 hours of screen, taking into account the intermediate nights.

I have noticed that in standby mode with the active screen the Xiaomi manages the consumption well.

One of its strengths that MIUI 8 gives us to improve autonomy curiously with the checking what consumes more energy or “killing” ineffective background processes.

The GPU and RAM, 6 GB, are attach to the processor power. A shame that we cannot get more out of the split screen, something that MIUI 8 lacks. The internal memory is 64 GB although there are models that have 128 GB if necessary. In my personal use I have several tens of GB free so I will be enough for a few years. Not forever, of course, but I do not think that in at least two or three generations this cell phone would be short on this particular aspect.

Two other shortcomings more striking are the microSD, which with 64 GB again I do not find something key, and the 3.5 mm jack headphones, which I solved simply by connecting the adapter that comes in the box to my only headphones With cable. The other two, which I use for bluetooth, works the same way as in all other models.

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In connectivity, the Xiaomi Mi6 is fast and complete except for the non-compatibility with the 800 MHz band and the absence of FM radio, in case you were looking for it. The calls are heard quite well and we had no problems using LTE.

Performance, and user experience

The reality is that as far as user experience, the Xiaomi Mi6 has been the best smartphone we have tested in a long time. Although very, few weaknesses of this smartphone, as of now, only come positive points.

As for performance, we have the best combination of hardware that exists in the Android market today, so we will have no problem. Specifically, the Snapdragon 835 allows us to scroll through any application without absolutely no loading time and impressive fluidity. Also, the 6 GB of RAM, although they look like 4 at the time of use. That allow us to leave many applications open at the same time and navigate through them.

A final note about the speakers is that it combines the sound between the speaker of the calls and the principal to achieve a really good sound.

Final opinion of Xiaomi Mi6

When brands take a high risk, they have a lot of chances of losing. Sometimes that is not an option. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is undoubtedly the best mobile phone that has made the company of Lei Jun. Although it is possible that throughout the year 2017 launches new models more powerful or more striking this will remain a highly recommended device.

In this way, although we have a change with respect to the camera, the technological advance has not been as great as we expect. Even so, if the Xiaomi Mi5 has been so successful, why not renew with a much more powerful model but does not differ too much.

The user experience has undoubtedly been one of the best we have had, and that, considering that we have MIUI and that sometimes it is made uphill in terms of configuration. Where else we have enjoyed has been taking pictures-of-day and navigating through the apps with absolutely no lag.

In our opinion, the Xiaomi Mi6 is very close to a 10 as far as general refers, taking into account, that we can find it in any online store for a price that is around 380 euros.

Should you buy it?

In short, Xiaomi is one-step closer to achieving the throne of Android with the Mi6. But, considering its A powerful mobile. Screen-controlled. High quality construction. Good design. Excellent camera. price, few terminals offer so much. Lovers of powerful smartphones will not be disappointed.

However, Mi6 may be too much for those who settle for using social networking, surfing the Internet, and making the right photos to share with friends. For the latter the Mi6 is also good news. Because its appearance has caused the prices of its predecessors have fallen considerably. The Mi5 for less than 200 euros and the Mi5s for about 270 euros now offer better value for money.


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